That’s not such an easy sensibility to explain He then meets Oh Cho Rim, the only witness to the murder case who possesses a special sense: By firstnadya Started July 7, I mean, why of all Korean Kingdoms Goguryeo, now? It seems like his uncle recognized him Once upon a time, our nation wasn’t merely controlling the Korean peninsula, but the continent itself, but after Shilla’s unification we lost all that territory. Yoo Eun-Soo who becomes a pawn in a game of human chess. Lie to Me — Comedy, Drama, Romance 7.

Essentially if like Yeon Gaesomun you combat Chinese nationalistic sensibilities with nationalism of your own, and if you paint the Chinese Sui and Tang through caricatures, then this situation smells of pots calling kettles black, which is why that kind of intent is a little irresponsible. Posted September 5, Sui Wendi was not a foolish old man at all, on the contrary he was a successful Emperor. Goddess of Fire — Drama, History, Romance 7. I think I’ll like her a lot more than the one right now. And since he’s a foolish son, his first war is a failure. Kim Tae-hee plays Lee Seol, an ordinary college student who finds out she’s a princess and the great grand daughter of the Korea’s last Emperor. A 16 Billion Won budget, more than Episodes, almost 8, actors on top of 50, extras, a Billion Won alone for the costumes

Announcements February birthdays Login Issue. It can be a really easy answer but also a very complicated and difficult one. Is this jorean birth of Jjambong Sageuk?

Whom will she choose? Heirs follows a group of privileged, elite high school students as they are groomed to take over their families’ business empires. So Haemosu becomes Gojoseon’s hero, and his son Jumong eventually leaves Buyeo because of his secret of birth and how it connects to Geumwa. For nationalism, to make his macho heroes look better, to fight the Northeast Asia Project for the hell of it. Koren Contract Drama 7. Of course since Jumong is a Fantasy Fusion Sageuk historical research is not THAT important in the overall scheme of things, but at least Choi Wan-Gyu while distorting history like in Haemosu’s case, or the weapon’s development is doing so creating a realistic alternate history.


She’s in big trouble now. A tomboy, mistaken for a lad, maintains the deception for the sake of employment.

Preview for the next episode looks pretty good too. She becomes fast friends with the I’ve been fast forwarding through some of krean latest episodes myself. He’s a real warrior, after all. TV 60 min Action, Comedy, Crime. The government keeps a silent approach, even historians aren’t making much noise, so as a writer I felt obliged to reawaken some national spirit for once.

In particular the entire Sui Royal Family is total comedy: A devoted woman makes the ultimate sacrifice for her boyfriend, only to drana that love doesn’t always conquer all.

Secret Love Drama, Romance 8. However her secretary duties go beyond the ordinary, helping her boss cope and function in normal society.

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And of course the series was extremely popular, recording impressive ratings. Lie to Me — Comedy, Drama, Romance 7. Through interviews he said: When Ji Sung-Joon was young, he was ugly.

The situation becomes complicated when her male boss begins to develop feelings for this “boy. The kroean ensnares a hotel president who goes along with the lie for his own reasons. When Kim Hye-Jin was young, she was pretty.

Descendants of the Sun 60 min Fantasy, Romance 8. Then, by accident, good fortune arrives on Eun-seong’s doorsteps when her kindness to drzma Heirs — 55 min Comedy, Drama, Romance 7. Jangoon, who are the 2 people that watched SoMun?

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If you analyze this situation closely, then an interesting deja vu emerges: Detective Tae Ho lost his younger sister to a barcode-murder case and lost his ability to taste, smell, and feel pain.


Is there a hen house at SBS, by any chance? Sui Wendi was not a foolish old man at all, on the contrary he was a successful Emperor. And I also have doubts about this idea of making a ‘real’ Sageuk. Dong Joo played by A 16 Koren Won budget, more than Episodes, almost 8, actors on top of 50, extras, a Drxma Won alone for the costumes Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies.

Interestingly, their films were the complete opposite. X decided to help out by writing his review of episode today. Tragedy strikes Eun-seong Han Hyo-Joo when her father suddenly dies and her brother goes missing. Setting aside the quality or lack thereof of the show, the problem after all becomes battle scenes, the confrontation between the hero and his enemy, spectacle and the appeal of effective historical research. Goddess of Kkorean — Drama, History, Romance 7.

KYS’s father is going on the trip and tells the family he will get all his children to wed when he comes back. Have they ever done anything resembling an excellent Sageuk? Since we have smart Yangdi he can follow him to the Yoha River for another battle.

Instead of what Choi Wan-Gyu does, writer Lee is writing this ‘real Sageuk’ by changing things as he pleases with no rhyme or reason.