Soundtrack album of the film was released by T-Series on 19 October , featuring music composed by Ram Sampath with lyrics penned by Javed Akhtar. The case it tried to build was of a very understated underhand melancholy, something that i saw in another beautiful supernatural drama, the orphanato. Learn how your comment data is processed. So, he is not an exceptionally pained man as we are made to believe, he is just as sad as anyone of us who goes through a particular traumatic experience and is averse to being reminded about it. Retrieved 1 December AB — i love you man.. Thus, it’s an album which may not top the charts, but some songs could definitely make their way into many people’s personal playlists. Archived from the original on 4 December

Tehmur is a stupid errand boy.. Realistically so, Surjan looks down upon therapy and unknowingly berates his wife who is seeking help. Through Rosie, Surjan finds out about Shashi’s connection with the case. It was just a trick of his subordinate to intimate Temur which failed. As for the story, you can always trust Zoya Akhtar to give her best. Lido Owner Mandar Gokhale

A teenager will care for an Edward or a Hrithik regardless of the character but old people like us I guess care about the characters and not the actors. She specializes in highly quotable one-liners and delivers them with panache.

Purnima Raakhee loses her mind and is hospitalized in a mental hospital. Har suraag mujhe aur andhere ki taraf le jaata hai. It is very hard nirmxla digest Kareena hanging in the brothel with a huge smile and cracking jokes in the Taxi. Archived from the original on 29 November This is not a pseudo-intelligent psychological film failing to explain things properly, this is a ghost story, period.

Keep up the good work Aamir and Excel. So she can take a knife and kill the pimp? Talaash received mostly positive reviews overseas. But none of this prevent her from confidently and assertively telling us the story she set out to. In order to gain revenge, he reveals his bosses’, Chhote Pathan and Rajjo Singh, secrets about their illegal dealings.

Surjan shuts all doors of possible communication with Talaasj — less for his disbelief in supernatural forces and more for his own grief and culpability. You can then compare it to secret window, black swan and probably beautiful mind as well. I guess u should write and direct a film. Realistically so, Surjan looks down upon therapy and unknowingly berates his wife who is seeking help.


Again I am not comparing it to Lagaan, I am just saying I am certain the film could have been much more emotional and made me feel invested in the characters. Ghulam Mela Mangal Pandey: Retrieved 23 December Now more jirmala of the supernatural, Surjan finds a letter from Karan, penned by the medium.

An Aatma, a spirit is tied to the place of her death. Everyone would obviously not agree. Tina tells Arjun to follow Rocky only he is the one who can lead him to his sister So Arjun follows Rocky and Kills some of his henchmen later he indulges in a xast with him but Chotte Pathan comes in the scene which shocks Arjun and Rocky and his goons beats him very badly however later Arjun becomes successful in taking Pooja from the clutches of Chhotte Pathan, In the end, Arjun kills Rocky and Chhotte Pathan and comes back to India with Pooja and reunites with Cqst and his family.

He was in-charge of that area not an encounter specialist, you simply failed to understand that. Hooker 2 Vijay Gupta So, he is not an exceptionally pained man as we are made to believe, he is just as sad as anyone of us who goes through a particular traumatic experience and is averse to being reminded about it.

The Times Of India. The Answer Lies Within was released in theatres.

It is with a heavy heart that we watch their final scene. Do you actually look up the dictionary to reply to comments?

Nawaazuddin Siddiqui is undoubtedly the most brilliant portrayal in the film. Tusshar Sasi April 18, caast Poor simple Indian audience was confused. Why should it, when all Talaash intended to pack were poignant emotions? But where on earth did you get the idea that this movie presented itself as high on intellectualism! A taut psychological thriller that keeps you guessing till the end, it tslaash you spellbound, leaves you mesmerized, leaves you with an exclamation. Subir Kumar Das Sound Assistant.

Shekawat’s team Lucky Singh He also lets his colleagues shine in their respective stories. Gripping but not fulfilling”.


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How stunningly shot is it, with the Nirma,a letting open spaces and objects communicate the emptiness in their lives. Go back to the scene where Kareena Kapoor is introduced. It has a simple and straight plot. It is like a puzzle that you as an audience also watch please no talawsh that- why watch a movie to dissect, just enjoy bla bla. So, all ghosts kill their murderers on the Sea Face Road?

Nobody praised SRK then for trying something different. Films need a change……… they deserve a drastic level of improvement!

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But there is so much going for this compelling, slow-burning, well-acted tale set in the dark, grimy underbelly of Mumbai that you can barely take your eye off the screen. Whenever an Aamir Khan film is in the offing, we are told that he went through extensive research for the same — after all, he is the perfectionist!

It was so underplayed, the shock of him being caught by the goons, injured by all the beating up, combined with the pain of the bullets and THEN suddenly talaaeh the ghost; you can see them all in his eyes. News Correspondent 1 Sana Khan But that was no intelligent way to misuguide the way. Although it had its share of flaws, it was a very well made and very well acted talaasj. Editing and Post-production Sanjay Sankla Editor.

Rosie was seen to all csst us the audience for the entire film- she was not imaginary, she was an aatma,and there would ahve been no suspense of any sorts if the case was anything but us seeing her throughout. I can gauge ur frustration nigmala the post. I for one never guessed it, and was literally taken by a shock when the twist revealed, perhaps also why the movie worked for me.