They and Kim Bum So are both in Dr. Lol JJ as a gangster Episodes by odilettante. And when he makes it lower like in for Muwon in PTB: I respect that about him. Hahahahaahha Girl he gets paid for acting! I’m still completely baffled by how a control freak, bad boyfriend with serious stalker issues like Kim Tan ended up with the girl in Heirs and that ended weeks ago. He know where his strengths lie and he sticks to that, instead of foraying into something bigger than him like most idols.

I don’t see how doing a drama will have any affect on a potential JYJ comeback. Well, it’s comfirmed and i just want to be happy for jae.. I don’t expect much anyway. October 28, Finale: Deoxyribonucleic acid — molecularanthropology. Sinopsis Secret Garden episode 1 Xiuang!

I’d love to watch Jaejoong in a role like this.

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I need more things to watch! I’ve been proven wrong before by dramas that I thought I would cross off my list, but ended up being my crack drama.

If he can or not make a good ganster, I will have to wait and see. My own father has two sisters who are fifteen and twelve years older than him. I loved him in Protect the Boss.

PTB I adored him here and Dr. Please don’t compare him to jae. I don’t even bat an eye at idol casting. Whoever is trolling us with these casting news has achieved his goal, I’m going to watch this just to see how bad it will be!

Can’t even take them seriously. Sinopsis I Sinopssis You Episode 2. Dr Jin didn’t happen. I’m not too worried either by the acting skills.

Sinopsis : Empress Ki – Episode 34 ~

Its really is sooooo baffling to me how Idol actors in korea are immediately perceived as bad actors while in Japan, they are never labeled as an idol actor in the first place!! SMS language, textese or texting language is the abbreviated language and slang commonly used with mobile phone text messaging, or other Internetbased communication.


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Yo, missy, please stop trolling. Orion, I am right there with you on age gap stuff.

So don’t come here with these comments as if you were trying to imply that Jaejoong is “resting on laurels just because his hallyu leverage would get him roles”. If you want to see an improvement, you need to see the sequential acts first. He naturally has a very slim frame and used to work out a lot to gain those muscles fangirls used to drool over. I haven’t decided if I like JJ’s acting per se, as I only watched him once in Protect the Boss, but I for one am not feeling as loss to swap him for Mr.

Sinopsis : Empress Ki – Episode 49 ~

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While I can be quite nitpicky when watching English productions, I am way less critical with Kdramas because I am no expert of the culture or the language. Be it his career as a celebrity, his voice training or now his career as an actor. Which is good for him since he already won Best Actor in there and is widely acknowledge as musical actor.

Are we going to have a JYJ-filled spring season in dramaland? Can you act well?? Contents A file explorer on Series rpisode I was already interested in this thanks to Lee Beom-soo and Im Shi-wan, but now with Jaejoong thrown in I’m all for it.

Unless force or amnesia good Dramagods, no were involved, I also don’t see what his excuse could be. Siblings with huge gaps exist.