ShinRaeMi07 September 20, at 2: That was a different vessel woman.. Sinopsis Goddess of Fire Jung Yi episode 9 part 2. If they’re both Jade’s creatures and both kinda dead She chalks it up to her pretty face. Fairies and Grim Reapers can marry?! Um, you forgot to twirl your mustache, sir.

I want that flashback so badly. They kick him to the ground and she kicks and bites and wriggles free. Meta [Happily never after] Maybe Download Arang and The Magistrate. I was so excited when I saw that! Ahhh the CPR kiss totally caught me by surprise and the fact that she woke up midway is so awesome! Love all the music that goes with it too.

Sinopsis ‘Arang and the Magistrate’ All Episodes

That means Eun-Oh is in no way related to Mu Yeon, but he will be able to recognise his mother’s body which Mu Yeon’s soul is inhabiting, is it? Still dealing with gaksital-ending withdraw. It sounded as if wifey happened upon that. I might magistratr missed that.

Sinopsis ‘Arang and the Magistrate’ All Episodes – Korean Drama Sinopsis Indonesia

EO’s mom probably readily accepted as a way to get back at Choi. Arang mopes that maybe Eun-oh was right after all. She has two full moon left. I can’t believe that it’s rating is tied with Nice Guy. Not checking subbing team anymore coz I watch in the app. That stops maglstrate in his tracks. Yeah, Jade told his fairy that she’s too glum that’s why the Grims don’t have anything to do with her. So I’ll stop thinking about it and will instead think about what I want to happen in episode 13 next week: Exactly, thats why I ditched cable and start watching them online.


Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: So she finally asks about his engagement to Lee Seo-rim.

I’m happy that a lot of wnd got answered although a million more came up. Who cares about subs when I got you? However, this episode really made more progress into the mystery than I had expected, went back to clues left and found in previous episodes, and gave us some wonderful revelations.

Eun-oh sleeps, and Mu-young stands in the corner of his room, watching him. Well that sucks for Mu-young. Is he being honest, or is he hiding a murder? Now if only I can find episode 11 to watch!

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Episodes by odilettante. I love this show. Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. I think the Big Bad needs souls and bodies, just for different purposes.

Was saving Eun-oh the thing that upset the balance? But if that’s true, then poor Eun Oh, Hades would probably be cranky and shouty all the time during their training sessions. I LOVE you subbers to pieces! Otherwise, how would they get their happy ending P September 19, at Joo-wal storms into his room, stewing in rage. The mysteries in this show are just so well thought out and the progression of the reveals are perfectly paced, I think.


Now it is already mid afternoon and the subs is not finished yet. And this is the girl who became a lonely, starving amnesiac ghost and has a target on her back.

The man raises his sword…. Loved this episode, esp the kiss! Sinopsis Arang and The Magistrate episode 4 part So awesome this drama. That flicker of surprise and embarassment on JK’s face is just so well done and layered! Is there some sort of blood bond required between demon and demon-slayer?

I guess we can expect some more unexpected magistrxte in the future, though! She chalks it up to her pretty face. Compare JW’s flashback and the high shaman now. Plus, i love the music that plays whenever Eun-oh fight, it’s so epic!

This is an exciting episode I mean, this whole mess was his doing. I would probably still be clutching my hair now if I didn’t see this. He reaches the building where she is, and approaches the door. That was a different vessel woman.

Poor kid was literally dying and his mom just runs off like that. Bakachild September 20, at 3: I am forever grateful.

I am forever grateful to her for subbing snd deep rooted tree!