Camus pretty much tells Cecil and Haruka that their song sucks and they had to keep working on it until he finally accepts it. Turns out he was the one getting comforted because he found out that he was getting kicked off his program and replaced by others. Sho comforts Haruka by having them play Oto no Prince-sama together lol. Anyways, I was really looking forward to Uta no prince sama debut. Actually I was just happy Haruka actually did something for once instead of watching from behind a tree and not saying anything. The seiyuu talks in the end were too long that I just kinda stopped listening to them half way through.

The final CG is Ai sending a rocket punch literally his arm flies off at Sho for acting too smug. I hate that I am saying but I think broccoli really messed up this time. Tokiya says that no matter he still loves her and they start ichaichaing under the tree. I dunno I sincerely stopped paying attention orz. Anyway overall disappointing Ren route. Uta no Prince Sama! And so after this they continue working on their song and ichaichaing on the beach together. Comics In Japanese In Chinese.

Because Saotome tells him, Camus is forced to agree to sing with Cecil.

Holy christ I know the game had BL undertones but kta takes the fucking cake. Turns out AI is a robot for Artificial Intelligence.

I almost wanted to throw it out the window but I figured some yaoi fangirl may wanna buy it up so I held myself back. The professor comes in and tells all 3 of them that Ai is a robot. They eventually do perform their duet on stage but then Camus goes MIA.


Important information about purchasing this product: At their performance of Triangle Beat, Ai overheats but says he wants to perform anyway. I loved the fandisks… a lorlt of rabudabu moments: So then drama breaks in when they find Tokiya rehearsing his lines on his own. Wow, sad to hear this game was terrible. They prince-eama go to the highest place at the school and watch the sunrise together.

Otome Game Review: Uta no Prince-sama Debut

The music game was the same but it felt a lot harder than anything prior. Turns out the movie script writer was the grandpa who always talked to Sho in the park when he played with the kids.

In order to prove himself even further, for his next acting role, he agrees to risk his life to do all the dangerous parts himself without having a stunt man stand in for him.

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I dunno but I sure as hell am not paying for it. Cecil comes to see her and she starts crying not knowing what dafuq is going on. This is not an rahmaru game, its a piece of garbage with BL undertones. Ranmaru stops his bitching and agrees to sing and so the 3 of them perform at their live. Sadly as expected, we get no CG!

His CDs kept selling as well as his concerts and he got more and more fans. I really am laid back about this issue. Where did the lighthearted love comedy in the original Utapri go? Additional Information may be provided by the manufacturer, supplier, or a third party, and may be in its original language. Android Otome App Review: This item belongs to: It was so long I actually kinda stopped paying attention since I never liked Ai to begin with blah.


So then Sho tells Haruka he needs some time to practice is on his own and in the meantime Haruka works on her song for him.

Ai then gets over his system limitation and performs the song with Natsuki and Sho yay. He beats himself up for it uts with fighting against Reiji for the movie role. The stories were just depressing shit over and over with no real satisfying resolution and when it resolved it resolved into gay.

Otome Game Review: Uta no Prince-sama Debut – かわいいじゃなきゃダメなの!

Man even Haruka like prince-eama and prolly hid behind a tree watching the BL go on. There IS a sizable cross-section between BL and otome gamers although for the most vocal part they seem to hate each other, whoopsbut this is really not the way to serve either of them. BL subtext in the original games?