Learn more or change your settings. You must be logged in to comment. Log in Join Recently viewed Bookings Rental inbox. Coral is an extremely hard rock-like material, but this is no barrier to this little fish from biting straight through it. Find out more about this common reef inhabitant and understand why it has torn off a few ears over the years and caused so many bruises – is it just misunderstood? But also you’ll see the teeth than can cause a nasty bite if you get on the wrong side of this coral reef fish. The wound was initially stitched up, but required two hours of plastic surgery afterwards. They can generally be found in the Indian Ocean and central Pacific at depths of around 10 to 30 metres.

In the breeding season Titan Triggerfish build their nests on a sandy patch. Titans are also known as the “Black-tipped” or “Moustached Triggerfish” due to their appearance – they have dark markings above the mouth which look like a moustache – and black edgings on their fins. Hotels travelers are raving about Are the titan triggerfish any worse at Vilamendhoo compared to the other islands? The male stands guard over its nest and will charge at any divers or fish that cross into its territory the zone in a full circle directly above its nest. In cases of extreme poisoning, it may cause heart attacks, paralysis or death.

But as in the above short scuba diving story this depends. Early on in the life cycle, zooplankton will be the source of nourishment until such time as the juvenile has matured enough to take on other delicacies of the coral reef. Can you get married legally trgigerfish the Maldives? Which new Resort Islands are opening soon? Not all Titans will attack to protect their territory.

Wildlife of the Week: Titan Triggerfish

Titan Triggerfish Scientific name: Understanding their nesting behavior and territorial nature is important for minimizing problematic encounters. They can generally be found in the Indian Ocean and central Pacific at depths of around 10 to 30 metres. Are there any adults-only Resort islands? The Titan Triggerfish scientific name – Balistoides viridescens is the largest of the Triggerfish family, ranging from approximately 15 – 30 inches.


Titan Triggerfish Breeding Season (Scuba Diving Story In The Red Sea)

Like most reef fish, they are active during the day and will tuck themselves into the reef to sleep at night. Then I read in one post that they can mate any month Click on an image to enlarge. Read another scuba diving short story here: Titan triggerfish enjoy a wide distribution. This is good stuff and interesting reading.

If you spot a nesting area and you see what looks like a Titan Triggerfish attending to her nest, leave plenty of space. Part 5 How many days to go now? There were really big ones at reethi this year. They have distinctly disruptive feeding habits, darting about the coral-scape turning over rocks, biting off pieces of branching coral and stirring up sand by fanning its fins or squirting water through its mouth in search of food.

Tell us about your adventures of diving and snorkeling in the comments below. Articles with ‘species’ microformats Commons category link is on Wikidata. You’ll hear them when you’re diving, as they scrape the coral with their strong teeth. If you do, what’s the best course of action? This is a stretch of water between two coral reefs where the seabed is mostly flat sandy bottom. Log in Join Recently viewed Bookings Rental inbox. After watching you tube clips and having a scary moment with them, my OH has developed a complete phobia of them.

Forewarned is forearmed and even though i am not one of the Maldives veterans, i have seen dozens of titans and apart from a nosey glance have had no trouble from them. In Thailand, the fish are predominantly yellow in colour.

Titan triggerfish – Wikipedia

Its body is heavily scaled and is generally green to dark grey in colour, with yellow or green fins with triggerfisn tips, and a lower jaw, dark grey or purple in colour.

What is the advice on tipping and USD notes? Mind your ears, as these would make easy pickings for an aggressive Titan Trigger triggertish in attack mode. Its snout comprises about a third of its total length and its mouth is small with chisel-like teeth.

Titan triggerfish

In the above clip, you’ll see some very aggressive behaviour from this confident little fish. In the clip you’ll see some of the classic behaviours exhibited by the Titan Triggerfish when it’s defending its territory.


The nest of the titan triggerfish is usually in a flat sandy area amongst the corals, an area that it will defend with a passion. I wasn’t attacked, but my dive buddy was. My scuba diving buddy and I were swimming along Triggerfish Alleywhich is known for an abundance of Triggerfish. Known scientifically as Balistoides Viridescens, these solitary creatures have been known to attack divers and inflict serious injury.

I imagined and was told by the dive centre as well that it was March and April since I was attacked twice in March at Cocoa islandbut then I was chased away by one of hesting once in August, too.

They can use this spine, along with neshing ventral spine, to lock themselves into coral heads or rock crevices when threatened, and once they do they are immovable!

If you have a scuba diving story you want to share, please complete the contact form on the right column of this page or at the bottom of the page on mobiles. However, during the breeding season the females guard their nest vigorously. Scuba divers sometimes accidentally swim into the nest area, which is what this scuba diving story is about.

However, as my dive buddy and I discovered, this is sometimes easier said than done. I have heard that titan triggerfish can be very aggresive and can cause injuries to snorkellers when the fish are guarding their nests.

If the attack from a Triggerfish results in a bite, you should make sure you clean any open wounds. Indian Ocean Tropical Fish Guide. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

We both laughed and this cause another triggedfish mask flood for me, as I couldn’t help but laugh.