Select “Run the program using compatibility settings. If you would like to be kept informed of product updates, please subscribe to the Thesycon newsletter. Windows 10 version of the driver is signed with Microsoft Attestation signing. Wizard style user interface for interactive use Command line interface silent mode for integration into overall software setup Customization possible. AlexAdvice – Can you elaborate a little more on what you are doing and your Windows setup? After that evaluation period has expired, the driver stops working. I have Code 10 error like all others in this thread.

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This is only necessary if the compatibility feature are not enabled or if for some reason the popup doesn’t appear. Please keep it clean and respectful.

How To Install XMOS / Thesycon USB Drivers On Windows 8 – Software – Computer Audiophile

Users browsing this forum: After that evaluation period has expired, the driver stops working. That gives you the error about “preinstallation failed.

Go To Topic Listing Software. XMOS guys, we would love to hear you comments on this.

The place to be when developing with XMOS technology. You tried compatibility mode setting it to Win 7?


Thank you for suggestion, but I already knew it – Marcin from JPlay made it very clear – set buffer as low as possibly, unless you get a clipping sound – than you need to increae it a bit. I haven’t tried the “permanent” solution you described, but the easy, one-time with Windows restart and selecting option 7 thexycon not checking if the drivers are signed didn’t work.

Posted December 17, The SDK add-on is an optional component. I’ve tried installing the xmos 1. Always the same – that the driver is compatible with Dumb question perhaps, but did you check to be sure the dri er install files are not stored on the disk in encrypted format? Already have an account?

USB Audio Driver Support

Supported Platforms x86 32 bit x64 64 bit. If there is a recording path IN endpoint then the driver uses the incoming sample stream as clock reference to generate the outgoing stream playback path.

Please, name this devices that do work fine and what’s the UAC mode thesyfon do use. Thesycon’s main business is selling XMOS driver licenses.


The driver supports the asynchronous, synchronous and adaptive endpoint synchronization model. Posted March 2, Posted November 18, Its USB related part, to be more specific. If there is more than one clock source then a clock selector unit must be implemented as well. Posted November 17, You need to be xmoss member in order to leave a comment.

USB Audio Driver Support

After clicking OK the following Compatibility Assistant window will appear. So I am sorry, but your information that some mysterious XMOS devices work fine cannot help anyhow yet. I have Code 10 error like all others in this thread. The USB Audio 2. Find the Setup file and right click it.

Rate this topic 1 2 3 4 5. So being on their place I would do maximum effort to make standard Windows driver as ugly as possible and with no any XMOS compatibility. Posted November 16, I respect both Thesycon interest and our customers interest too.