They had constant tantrums, swore, kicked and bit. Friday, January 14th, 8: Amber and Greg have a ten-year-old boy called Rivers and an eight-year-old boy called Hunter. With so many memorable episodes of the show, it’s hard to trust just one person’s opinion of what the top Supernanny episodes of all time are. They push Dominic in the stroller instead of Vincent , brush his teeth for him, and pick out his clothes. Friday, February 4th, Wednesday, April 23rd, Friday 30 May, – 9pm on E4.

Joe works long hours leaving Danielle is a stay-at-home mom. The Johnson Family []. A self-employed, stay-at-home dad, Michael, is struggling to find a balance between work and family. Singer Brendon Urie dropped the visual for Panic! Titled America’s Supernanny , the series is “the first true U. Debbie and Joe have a seven-year-old girl called Rebecca, a six-year-old girl called Sarah, a three-year-old girl called Hannah and a one-year-old boy called Joshua. Wednesday, May 28th,

Jo Frost comes to the rescue, and foremost on her agenda are showing the parents how to communicate their expectations to the children without shouting and the importance of presenting a united front when it comes to discipline Wednesday, May 11th, Amy and Dale have a fifteen-year-old boy called Logan, a fourteen-year-old called Carley, a twelve-year-old called Chaslyn, an eleven-year-old called Joelle, a nine-year-old boy called Corban, a seven-year-old girl called Addison, a five-year-old boy called Nolan, a three-year-old boy called Bryson, a two-year-old boy called Cameron and an eight-month-old boy called Keaton.

Scott and Jennifer have two completely different outlooks on how their children should be parented.

With her husband Sindo away in Iraq, Michelle Martinez is home alone for months at a time with three rambunctious children. The Sacco Family Friday, April 3rd, Wath 10 October, – 9: Friday 18 April, – 9pm on E4.


The Carsley Family A single mother of five tries to get a college degree. The Miller Family []. Newly divorced, he lives with his son Silas, camily 7 and three daughters Eliana, 9, Kaia,5 and Anna, 3 in Alaska. Anthony and Alice Walker have their hands full.

Emma and Adrian have a twelve-year-old girl called Bronwyn and a one-year-old girl called Elois. The Goldberg Family Friday, March 27th, Friday 23 May, – 9pm on E4. Friday, February 4th, He even throws rocks at Jo! Timmy and Ted’s relationship hoowat deteriorated since the triplets were born. Supernanny USA is also shown on Channel 4 and its sister channel E4 with respectable viewing figures.

Stephanie and Simon have a seven-year-old boy, Lewis, a five-year-old boy, Rhys, and a nine-month-old girl, Lucy.

Fans fmily Supernanny are extremely passionate about the show, and there is often debate over which episodes are better than others.

Little Avarie refuses to give up her bottle while Kesley, who is considered responsible to watch her siblings, isn’t allowed to go to an afternoon movie with friends. He’s violent, destructive, hits, kicks, slaps and swears.


The Christiansen Family [54]. Frank and Danielle Minyon have their hands full with Frank, 7, and Skylar, 3 who dominates the family with her massive tantrums ensuring that she always gets her way.

The Davis Family []. Three year old Matthew is spreading misery throughout the Pollard-Morris home.


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Joanne and Michael Howa. Shannon swears, throws tantrums and hits her mother. The Cantoni Family Jo tries to help an overwhelmed mother and a father who gives in to the bossiness of their three children. The Webb Family [56]. The boys are absolute angels when they’re with their Dad, but Kobe is a nightmare when he’s with his Mum. Heather and Alex have a seven-year-old boy, Brandon, who was born with Food Phobia, and a four-year-old boy, Zac. Scott has an eleven-year-old boy called Lane and a five-year-old boy called Tate.

Monday, January 15th, 5: Asli and Peter have a five-year-old girl called Layla, a two-year-old girl supernannyy Melissa and a six-month-old boy called Aiden.

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The Fernandez Family []. The older kids back-talk, fight, and leave their clothes in a heap. The Sacco Family []. Get the official app! And it means their kids feel free to do whatever they want…. The Quinn Family []. So where are their parents datch why are they AWOL? The Keilen Family [61]. Joey-Lynn lets Glenn handle the discipline, but all Glenn does is yell at them and doesn’t follow through with the discipline.

Jo visits the Miller family waatch Phoenix, Arizona.