The latest sources are xfvideo-qxl. Grab some text and copy it to the clipboard in the guest. We need to add a virtio-serial device to the guest, and open a port for the spice vdagent. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. In addition, you’ll see the virtio-serial port:

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It should be available as a package in psice favourite Linux distribution, which is the preferred way of getting it. Now the only thing left is to improve the experience by enabling the spice agent communication channel between the host and the guest you wanted copy and paste between host and guest right?

We need to add the virtio-serial device: In gnome-terminal it’s Shift-Ctrl-C to copy.

SPICE – Proxmox VE

This section contains various optional drivers and daemons that can be installed on the guest to provide enhanced SPICE integration and performance. Now start the VM. Click on Video, and in the Model pulldown, choose, qxl.

We need to enable the spice server in qemu-kvm.

You still need to be sure that the guest has spice-vdagent installed and running. The simplest part is adding the qxl graphics device to the guest. Spice WebDAV daemon https: You’ll be prompted to add the Spice agent channels, click Yes.


The latest sources are xfvideo-qxl. When you click on Spice console button, a connection config file is downloaded. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.

You need to use a virt-viewer on a Linux Desktop. Streaming agent experimental Guest-side daemon which captures the guest video output, encodes it to a video stream and forwards the resulting stream to the host to be sent through SPICE.

The integrating of Spice into Proxmox VE provides a solution for interaction with spic desktop devices, like keyboard, mouse, audio and video. This page was last edited on 18 Julyat Windows QXL driver is not needed if you are using the Windows guest tools installer above.

We also need to install the spice vdagent in guest. Windows binaries Windows guest tools – spice-guest-tools https: Fully supported, just install windows spice guest tools 0. Be sure the agent is running and for future, started automatically.

Now you can login to the guest, and you’ll still see the qxl display device. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in.


QXL – Wikipedia

Please note, the Windows version of virt-viewer does not support this. Nightly builds are generated from upstream git master.

Web client – a simple javascript client https: Xspice is mostly reusing that driver and linking directly with spice-server. All linux distributions released after have the necessary qxl driver included as a spuce of the Xorg package. To keep it simple, we’ll not require authentication and simply bind the server to This installer contains some optional drivers and services that can be installed in Windows guest to improve SPICE performance and integration.

Older source qxk can be found here. And paste it in the host again, Shift-Ctrl-V to paste in gnome-terminal.