I said before how I was wondering how the Misaki family felt towards Fumiya now and this episode answered my question. Hiroki comes home and turns on the news. But she later revealed to Hiroki that her brother had once tried to kill her. At that moment, Akari, finds a letter that her older sister sent to their brother, but was returned because his address was not known. How is your health? He turns his attention to his mother, telling her that his dad apologized before dying, for saying that they could have another child to replace Aki.

Denied feelings Hiroki finds Fumiya, but loses sight of him because Futaba called out to her brother to run away. HamsapSukebe – Ramblings of a jobless bum. Newer Post Older Post Home. You are commenting using your WordPress. These two characters are so intriguing and interesting, I like their awkwardness. If she had died at that time, perhaps Aki would not have been killed … … Hiroki and Futaba leave the mountains and go to town. Despite his good attitude back then as how Misaki remembered it, I think he just snapped suddenly and decided to kill someone, maybe out of adrenaline rush?

As they make their way through the forest toward the lake, Hiroki asks Futaba why Fumiya killed Aki. This site uses cookies. However, it was evident that she still believed he was innocent as we saw in later scenes where she mentioned it to Hiroki.

He pushes her away from him roughly before walking away. As soon as they arrive at their new address in Shizuoka prefecture, a policeman comes by to distribute flyers with information about an elementary school girl who has gone missing in the vicinity.

Soredemo, Ikite Yuku ep02 part2

Temptation Of Wife Episode Her house was swarmed by reporters and Futaba was sent away to live with her grandparents. Her mom, still pregnant with Akari, had only sat on the couch obviously in shock. And you know why soreddemo acted this way, but they also have something in common. Soredemo, Ikite Yuku – Episode 1.


If Fumiya had committed the crime, the girl would be in the lake now … … Hiroki dismisses it as overactive imagination, but she suggests that they take a look.

Soredemo, Ikite Yuku – Episode 8.

I said before how I was wondering how the Misaki family felt towards Fumiya now and this episode answered my question. Futaba relates a story of when she and her brother found kittens floating on a piece of cardboard on the river.

Japanese dramaSoredemo Ikite Yuku. After the funeral service for his father, Tatsuhiko, Hiroki is invited to yuju Higaki residence by his younger brother, Kohei.

However, Futaba is certain now that ikiite brother killed Aki.

Episode #1.2

Soredemo, Ikite Yuku – Episode We often eat out together. Are there windows at your place? Hiroki sits in his car for awhile after episodw brother and mom leave and finds the paper that Futaba wrote her number on. His family never had Christmas or any holidays since Aki was killed. At that moment, Hiroki had been holding a knife. Even now, I always have and always will believe that you are innocent.

But let’s just go back to how gooooooood this episode was! Yuki at night, Maki bothers Fumiya while he works on the bike, asking what he did before coming here.

Hiroki, who had gotten interested when Futaba mentioned the letter, is dumbfounded by this. She understands how he feels because she and her family have been told the same thing everywhere. Misaki gets called back home by his wife. Your favorite drama this season? The sight of the flowers makes her cry aloud. While looking at the news articles about a girl who has gone missing, Mr.


She then suggested that they pay a visit to the mountain lake where Hiroki’s sister was found. Empress Ki Episode You are commenting using your WordPress. And so, Hiroki and Futaba head to the lake at Mt Mikazuki. Misaki looks at his daughter incredulously, at a loss for words.

She remembers the time he had tried to strangle her. It is an article about the missing girl. You can’t blame her for having good memories with her brother, because obviously she did have them. They head to Mikazuki Lake together. This actually seems to catch her attention, and Hiroki wants to continue talking about Fumiya, but Hiroki realizes he has made everyone uncomfortable and it is probably time to go. He jumps her and begins to strangle her.

I think this episode is definitely meant to be Misaki’s. Kyoko remains indifferent, riling Hiroki up. This site does not store any files on its server. Notify me of new posts via email. My Minds Flower Rain Episode Everyone is waiting for you to come home.

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The Misaki family is moving back near Shizuoka, where they lived 15 years ago. Copyright c Haven of Chords.

A bond is formed and they struggle with emotions