Yool comments on the sword and says that it is nice. First Teaser Images for …. She walks up to him and calls to him…brother? Kwon tells all the guards to leave and tells the princess to come out. He softly tells her that she is very pretty, it would have been better for her to marry someone else. He looks at her to see if she is okay and then grabs her hand to walk off.

Hong says they can if they have the earth worm. Please listen to me, I beg you. But he solved it based on Yools level. It made my heart fall it almost killed me! He smiles and asks if she can make that black juk with these ingredients. SO-hye starts to cry a she holds Moo-yeon. I heard that he wrote everything in this diary. But someone sees this.

Yool tells Yeon that he has to meet her right now. Yool walks in and sees MY there.

Yool whispers to Hong and asks her how she got there. Pretty Noona Who Buys ….

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When we have a big war in the country, this tiny thing will not be that important before. Yool tells him that he is in a hurry, he almost made a mistake with the Chinese diplomat. Soon, a new flower grew again. CE hops off his carrier and steps right aumma front of Hong, curiously. If he finds it then he will recover everything and know all the secrets tht should not be revealed. She tells her that he will not kill her. He throws his diary on the table and tells CE that he is done today.


He wishes he had it. I need to go to the palace. She gives the letter to Yool and tells him that this is the letter that she was ordered to give to him. Maybe you wanted to say that if something happened, it was all because of the queen. But someone sees this. But Yool tells him no. Yool asks him if he became an assassin for the man that murdered his father? Should We Kiss First Recap: She takes a bucket and pretends like she is one of the servants.

You may also enjoy: Kkeut thinks that her mother told her that blue frog the frog that does everything opposite. From that time ,my dream was ajuumma become your bodyguard and protect you. How we do this: She pats him on his shoulder as he sleeps. She explains that she told him about ajumma all those years ago, they could run away because of him.

I told him that I would work for him if he let you go. CE asks the Prince how he is so busy everyday. Je-yoon tells him that he does not have to worry about his daughter, but yeon says that is not it! Kwon misw if he is still keeping them all around?


I think ODK is still only in the Americas. Yool — I will keep that promise. Episode 9 Live Recap.

So you should live. He wonders if this was the princes plan all along, perhaps you recovered your memory? She does not want to go through it. We update the post around every 10 minutes. MY runs out but he runs right into Hong. CE tells him that there was a kid called Dong-joo.

It is an order by CE. When he gets inside, he sees a red bracelet that she is holding. Why did he make him have a relationship with the VIce Prime Eipsode.

100 Days My Prince: Episode 14 Live Recap

Hong — Did you try to murder the prince also, brother? BE walks away and thinks that now is a good time to quit, the prince told him to work in the government.

An eunuch comes in and tells the prince that he should leave. If that is so… Cut to them going to the kitchen. She says, when we walk like this, when do we see each others faces. Grand Prince Live-ish Recap ….