There are different factors influencing the willingness to pay for television programs. If the number of children channels has increased, the willingness to pay for children programming decreased and pay television operators have to think a different strategy than before to survive. In light of these changes, the purpose of this paper is to inquire if the availability of more channels contributes to a wider and significant offer, and therefore, if children programming still plays a significant role in the willingness to pay for contents in the context of a wider free-to-air offer. It explains, in a simple and enjoyable, different aspects of anatomy, disease, or, for example, blood is oxygenated as a wound heals. And continually, Dora solve mysteries which is using the audience. This significance of this total is underscored by the fact that, according to Kantar Media, there were just over 4 million people between the ages of four and twelve 4,, and almost 5. They conclude that though some of these companies have invested in production of programs for children; these programs are not the most watched by children in the regional channels.

And in second place she is obsessed with her boyfriend Jeremy. Plankton spends most of his time planning to steal the recipe for Mr. Mercedes Medina Universidad de Navarra mmedina unav. Penguins take their missions in the wild in Central Park. In that ages they have many questions about where do we come from and what was about our world before they come here. Thought two of these channels existed before , the audience have notably increased in the last years, especially since when Neox changed its target. Since the DTT technology context required that they could fill up to four channels, broadcasters started to develop specialized channels targeting different targets, including children. Both boys and girls grow pubic hair.

Still, family support is important to help them build a strong sense of self. Tv every day at One day, a strange creature gets out from his desk drawer.

Asian Journal of Communicationvol. So, the trend of a very concentrated market and dominated by American companies still remains as a general feature of this market, in spite of the apparent increase of competition.


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The analysis and reflection of the educational component of these contents should be done in further research. There are different factors influencing the willingness to pay for television programs.

When he finishes his work day, Bob goes for a ride and ends with Patrick got into trouble so inevitable. According to her, policy makers should facilitate the accessibility of multichannel media services so as to increase the range available to the public.

Scooby doo, is a really funny series in which the children can enjoy a lot, and pass a really good time. Saturdays and Sundays at From 11 to 14 The ages 11 through 14 years are often referred to as early adolescence. But this can be a confusing time for both kids and parents. The time spent on television consumption by children only began to increase from onwards.

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However, thanks to the DTT, the offer for children increased. Abstract With the privatization of television in the nineties, the television schedules were dominated by light entertainment designed to maximize audiences.

Mercedes Medina Universidad de Navarra mmedina unav. Furthermore, serles Government approved months later a new measure in order to promote digital terrestrial television: After analysing audience and consumption data, we can conclude that hypothesis 1 is confirmed. Joey and Phoebe seem to have met the gang a bit later on.

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They take a boat and return to the zoo. Malcom in the middle has had lot of repercussion with teenagers because they understand his thoughts and feelings. From there begin to detail us the first cavemen as they managed to survive in the emerging and dangerous planet, and begin to make their first tools, weapons and utensils, and took shelter in the caves and how they organized to defend themselves, hunt. Table 4 The significance of different factors in willingness to pay for TV channels We recommend that program, in first place because has a lot of culture and knowledge of the world.


When not inside her. Bello, Mina, Rita, Goomo y Ongo, and they are always in adventures.

You can learn easily the different animals, words, they teach you English, they translate it, the ABC. Both boys and girls grow pubic hair. Surely when you do a misdeed, not punish you as Anna, Teresa and Helena. The other most popular two channels come from the United States eeries it happens in many other European countries: It promotes the children creativity, it is very fun, easy and you can watch the program in Nex or other languages in the net!

Finally, we would like to raise some managerial implications for children programing producers. The final sample size was 1, interviewed.

They conclude that though some of these companies have invested in production of programs for children; these programs are not the most watched by children in the regional channels.

Firstly the boys and the girls they play together easily, but now they start a progressive separation of the sexes, leaving to play together.

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The adjudicated channels were Net TV and Veo TV, before megatrux digitalization of the existing channels and the multiplication of channels thanks to the multiplex. Magazine Gloria, Gonzalo and Paula.

At the end of the year only two will get sponsorship and a wild card onto the Professional Circuit.

Doraemon has a pocket and takes out all sorts of futuristic devices. Related publications Share Embed Add to favorites Comments. Is called the obedience age, because the children tend to be meek to the indications of their parents and teachers.

At Central Park, six Megarrix gather to talk about life and love.