Saraswatichandra promises to bring Kabir back, safely. Saraswatichandra makes fun of Kumud. Obath Mamath Ayath Teledrama. Saraswatichandra learns that Menaka is in the house. Kumud becomes worried about Saraswatichandra. Ghuman’s sister incites her against Kumud. Kabir asks the Desai family to believe him. Sunanda sends Kumud to the tailor with Kajal, to get her dress stitched.

Saraswatichandra pretends to wash clothes, in front of Kumud. Kumud enters Kabir’s room through the window, in search of evidence. Kumud requests Saraswatichandra to go to Mumbai to complete the business deal. She informs Vidyachatur’s family about the same, and instructs them to vacate the house. She instructs her associates to move Kabir to another location. Hence, Danny gets released from the police custody. Saraswatichandra strives to find Kumud.

Sunanda learns about the same, and recaptures her. However, their parents remain adamant on their decision. A few goons follow Kumud. Ghuman plans an unpleasant surprise for them. Saraswatichandra confronts the security guard for disturbing his sleep and instructs him not to make noise.

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Guniyal assures Vidyachatur that Saraswatichandra will return with Kumud. Later, Kumud informs Sunanda that she is Ghuman’s daughter-in-law. She stops Kabir from changing his t-shirt, and persuades him to have food with the family.


Kabir asks the Desai family to believe him. He becomes upset and leaves the house as Kumud does not believe him. Obath Mamath Ayath Vidyachatur wishes Laxminandan on the occasion of Uttarayan. He goes to Kumud’s house in India. The doctor informs her that Vidyachatur is fine. Saraswatichandra enlightens Kabir about the importance of marriage.

Saraswatichandra takes Kumud to a restaurant. Vidyachatur asks Kumud to teach Saraswatichandra to fly a kite.

Laxminandan leaves for Dubai

She refuses to relocate to Mumbai on believing that something bad might happen to her family, in her absence. Saraswatichandraa assures Guniyal that he will find Kumud. Kumud packs Saraswatichandra’s bags and asks him to leave.

He almost drowns in the lake. Kabir assumes that Anushka is saraswatidhandra prospective bride. Vidyachatur’s family fails to find the documents of their ancestral property. He instructs Kalika to stay in the outhouse.

She taunts Dugba for failing to win Laxminandan’s love in the past.

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Laxminandan becomes furious at her for taking money without his permission. Saraswatichandra makes fun of Kumud. Kumud passes by Saraswatichandra, but he fails to see her.


Anushka informs Kabir that she has overheard his conversation with Danny, and tells him that she does not believe in marriage. Yash informs Vidyachatur that he searched for Kabir, but failed to find him. Kusum learns that her friend, Anushka, is coming to meet her.

Saraswatichandra learns that Menaka is in the house. Danny returns the property papers to Saraswatichandra. Praveena 2 Sinhala Teledrama. Kumud decides to tell Kusum and Danny about Ghuman’s conspiracy. Kabir pretends to care for Danny, and asks him to take care of Laxminandan’s business. Saraswatichandra tries to convince her that he has not consumed alcohol, but in vain. The officers do not cancel the affiliation of the school. However, Sunanda’s men drag Kumud inside their car.

Anushka clicks a picture of Kabir when he spills colour on himself, by mistake.