Retrieved from ” https: This story focuses on the resurrections from the beginning and follows the character Richard Francis Burton, and yes I had to look who he was on Wikipedia. Coming up with an absolutely insane concept and just seeing where the story goes. In fact, the second half of To Your Scattered Bodies Go reads almost like a buddy comedy with Richard Francis Burton and Herman Goring, and Goring is not somebody who should be one half of a buddy comedy. Click on a plot link to find similar books! The forays into philosophy become more and more frequent and lengthy as the series goes on, but the main themes of the series are redemption and religion, with quite a bit of old-time “can do! All of humanity from the history of Earth wake up alive again on a world that is a continuous river to be studied by a superior alien race.

Mark Twain obsesses, Moby-Dick-like, about building a giant Riverboat to take to the mouth of the great river. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. And while this could have made a compelling story of “who are the Ethicals” The book is compelled to make the story about them, rather than focus on the unique situation Burton finds himself in, and the people he meets. Together, they form an adequate introduction to the story. He tries to reach a long pole or rod that stretches upwards and downwards seemingly forever but is heavily resisted by the invisible force. Burton has many adventures along the way—meeting, allying and fighting with other characters, such as the Nazi Hermann G—ring, the Neanderthal Kaz, and a woman named Alice, the real-life model for Lewis Carroll’s protagonist in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Like Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings or Asimov’s Foundation “trilogy”, the Riverworld series has attracted legions of fans who keep demanding more and more about this imaginary world. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Also the soul of Nero Claudius has found its way to Riverworld and wants to resume his role as Emperor. It’s just not that nice of a way to hear a story. Burton sets out to skmmary the Ethicals again. The new bodies are completely free of infection and seem resistant to it albeit in the absence of hostile bacteria or viruses on the Riverworld.


Burton could have been more well-rounded.

It looks like we don’t have a Synopsis for this title yet. Yes, we’ve gone through the looking-glass here. Jun 25, Steve rated it did not like it.

Gee, glad I know what a lighter looks like now. So, overall, I very much enjoyed the series.

Nonetheless, I give this four stars because of the audacious and compelling premise, even though the execution leaves a lot to be desired. If you’re curious I’d recommend buying a used paperback of Riverworld and seeing if you want to move forward.

What begins as a provocative investigation of the meaning of death and the value of living descends into an absurd adventure with a curiously tragic bent. Since the publication of the original books, several authors have been licensed to use the Riverworld setting for their own stories – see “Works” towards the top of this page. Who wants to hear Sam Clemens whine about his sad life for eternity?

Instead of a single meteor of iron, a “valley of meteors” with a constant stream of small falling objects provides the metals used by the characters. Adding a cliffhanger halfway through the book is more effective than a red herring, and had me guessing about the ending for most of the book.

Book 1 I’d give a 4.

Set millennia in the future, the Riverworld is a Super-Earth -like planetterraformed to consist solely of a single long river-valley that snakes across its entire surface. This, I think, is the one book in the series of the four I read when I was younger that really drags on. There’s a unknown group called the Ethicals.

To Your Scattered Bodies Go – Riverworld 1 Book Summary and Study Guide

Apr 01, LadyCroft86 rated it did not like it Shelves: This probably won’t be revealed until book 5, but there are some tantalizing hints so far. The Neanderthal among the castaways is later killed by a man introducing himself as Lucius Summar Ahenobarbus Jonathan Cakea citizen of Ancient Rome. It was rebooted inunder the same title. He is noted for his use of sexual and religious themes in plpt work, his fascination for and reworking of the lore of legendary symmary heroes, and occasional tongue-in-cheek pseudonymous works written as if by fictional characters.

With the aid of a traitor in Sam’s ranks, he invades the fugitives’ camp, imprisons Hale and his comrades, and forces Clemens to show him how to operate it.


Riverworld Series by Philip José Farmer

Perhaps, it gets more interesting later in the series, but I lack the desire to see this thought experiment through. There’s also a bit of an issue with near the end of the book.

The basis of the television miniseries from Syfy. All understand each other’s language, except a lone Neanderthal man, who lacks the capacity for speech. Though it’s a bit of spoiler so I’ll hide the exact explanation view spoiler So what we end up with is a fantastic world that is extremely interesting, but a story that is summady flawed through what it tries to do, and sadly that’s flawed in my mind.

Riverworld Series

At the beginning of the first exhilarating novel, the explorer Summay Burton dies impaled on a spear and awakes on another world, along with everyone else who has ever lived on Earth. He was dying of gout in a city in the Austro-Hungarian Empire in and then all of a sudden finds himself floating in midair turning as though on a spit in a blank white space surrounded by other bodies evenly spaced doing the same.

Riverworld is an artificial ” Super-Earth ” riiverworld where all humans and pre-humans are reconstructed.

You could definitely tell it was an older book, there was lots of sexist views towards women. All heart disease, tooth decay, and blindness are gone, and all amputated limbs are restored; whereas certain neurological impulses for instance, curiosity or chemical addiction remain intact.

Nevertheless, the series is captivating and elusive enough to warrant a go. In “To Your Scattered Bodies Go”, Richard Burton and the other 37 billion people reborn naked on the shores of the River find themselves ensnared by all the problems they’d left behind on Earth. I didn’t like any of the characters and I didn’t really care what happened to Burton. I’m very disappointed and will not buy the rest of the series.