Opinion Hardware Software Interviews. Do you already have an account? These are just some of my findings, and i am fine if people agree or do not agree with what I hear, and my hearing will not change 30 to 45 days down the road, unless I tweak the inside Q A cabinet. I was curious how they compared to the Cores. Let me know your thoughts. Apr 4, at 1:

I am curious what the price would be if they had a regular outside cabinet finish as the lower models. Originally Posted by audiofreak Ive got the fronts, the c centre and the matching sub. Apr 4, at 6: Doe Doe likes this. Where do you think they would fit best? The economy will thank you

Q Acoustics i 5.

There’s a layer of butyl rubber beneath it and it’s all bolted up tight to eliminate any residual resonance it the front panel. Voices in the Q A are overall nice but somewhat lacking a little in tonal character, layering and depth.

Last edited by gajCA; at Q Acoustics reaffirms its position of pre-eminence in the midrange floorstander market.

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Doe Doe is offline. Don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like that before. Apr 5, at 1: Ive got the fronts, the c centre and the matching sub. Which of the two would you define as the brighter speaker? I put The Adventures of Tintin As with the more expensive QAs that others of us have tried it sounds like a good value with no major polarizing characteristics that has enough dynamics for HT in a small to medium sized room paired with a small sub.


Not a clear winner either way? Is the age of the floorstander coming to an end?

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Bass is there but it is more on the punchy side and tends to lack some depth, like a lot of speakers they can benefit from a sub. Apr 4, at 1: Outlaw Set up 2 Son’s Room: Welwyn Garden City Ratings: Originally Posted by Doe Doe. These speakers are remarkable performers.

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Jamo S Series 5. They are vivid sounding and upfront, and this seems what a lot of people like. Does anybody have the Q acoustics I or 5.

But all depends of something ccinema important: How many subwoofers are in your home cinema system? And they are more rich and detailed than the JBL Arena B17 — however the Sony and Cambridge can still hang with the Q A — however with different compromises and trade-offs. Mar 3, Messages: NAD M17 V2 processor review. I was curious how they compared to the Cores.


Proper hi-fi sound from a feature-rich package that will boost TV, computer and streaming sound? The centre is essentially a longer, sideways version of the i but with an additional midbass driver. Designed to work with the Q Acoustics series speaker package, these stands are sturdy enough, but could do with more bass clout. Q Acoustics i Cinema Pack 5. They focused their technical and design effort on the more affordable end of the market.

The mids and highs are over all smooth but tend to lack some refinement. Some of the vibration is missing off the string instruments, such as guitar and violin.

Overall this is a truly remarkable set and utterly recommended.