One Major drawback…it always need USB powered source: If this is how wingle works, I think it is a crap. I have spend more than 30 mints for hold.. PTCL should focus here Quality of service rather than introducing new products of the same kind. LOL shame for ptcl.

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I need this connection badly.

In order to ensure optimal security of your Wi-Fi connection, it is highly recommended that you change your security key Wi-Fi Key after first wfii. Very few tablets can.

The exiting cloud device would work fine since it runs on battery power widi you can also charge it with any USB power source. But just few years back when they gave lots of internet connections with advertisement. O is it some bundle offer? PTCL being a technology company should know that if they are selling speed then they should deliver on their claims and how can you commit a speed like 3Mbps on a mobile device.

I wasted lots of Money on them not any more. Here in our Wonderful Country all company invest money for IT broabdand Cell phone services all just take money they did not gives us return.


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PK – All rights reserved. Same here, do share if you hear from some one about this usb. Hope this help you guys. Dear zarah Hope u are cool now.

Refund will be provided in weeks time. Please dont go for this. Do you selling this device? By the way, we received good response from all areas of major cities, in terms of reception. Download speed Day Time.

I did return it. The speed will always be minimum of the quoted limit is. Can any one tell what is the maximum downloading speed. Yes I am not that much technical person, As I have done my BS in Computing had some courses of some Telecommunications and how they work.

My brother ptcl is just a sick company you can see its offer. I think you are not a technical person and thats why saying this thing that it cant reach 9Mbps.

I hardly get a speed averaging 50 kbps. How can Ptcl Evo 3. Despite all cons the availability of such feature in Pakistan is really broaeband. Professionals can easily access the VPN services of their organization on the go. One Major drawback…it always need USB powered source: Dear Asim, Your figs.


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Ye EVO wingle Sirf Panjab k liye broadbanr ha balochistan k sirf qutta ma chal raha ha wo bi baqwass baqi shehroon ma q nhi ha ptcl murda abad. Internet connection is mentioned in bits and download speed in bytes. This is due to the line losses. I succeeded to return it back and my refund application is under process. The service is acceptable but not fast as claimed by the company no way near 3Mbps…not even 1mbps. I recently purchased wingle and I am getting crucial downloading speed.