You can also get an optional power adapter for the 8. While it’s great for lunar and still wildlife photography, we found that it’s not suited for much else. Excellent product; wish they still made this particular model! Above that ISO and up , noticeable noise reduction really muddies up any details and color splotchiness is pretty visible. I like that the price I got was a great deal. In addition to streaming on YouTube, you can also download the full-res footage to your computer.

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The camera is a little bigger than the DMC-FZ8K but still easy to hold and still retains a nice solid feel when aiming and using the camera.

Handling the camera was a pleasure. This review was written by someone other than the publisher and in Russian.

Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ18 MP Digital Camera – Black | eBay

AF performance is otherwise good, except in low light where hunting can lead to missed shots. Please read the full description and zoom in all pictures posted. The FZ18 can capture 8. Besides that, there is a small resolution bump to 8 megapixels from 7.

Nikon D D FZ8 owners might want to take a close look at the Panasonic FZ18, because image quality is a little better with this 8. I have found the flash to be powerful with adequate coverage for up to 25 feet in range.

But when the maximum aperture doesn’t let in enough light to gain a sufficiently fast shutter speed, Panasonic’s highly effective Optical Image Stabilization system allows you to handhold the camera at couple of stops slower than normal and still deliver an in-focus picture. For easier shooting, Panasonic FZ18 owners–regardless of skill level–will appreciate the camera’s Intelligent Auto Mode. We spent an evening with the Z7 at DEFY Wrestling, which offered plenty of peak action and tricky lighting – see the results in our updated sample gallery.


Having such a powerful zoom can be really fun since you can frame distant subjects very tightly.

Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ18 8.1MP Digital Camera – Black

Here’s where we have to give and take a little with the Panasonic FZ The more familiar you get with the camera, the better you can adjust settings like exposure compensation and metering method to get the shots that you want.

For macro shots, the wide-angle setting lets you shoot all the dkc-fz18 down to one centimeter from your subject, while the telephoto setting can be used up to one meter 3. ONDU has opened a Kickstarter campaign for its latest collection of pinhole cameras, a third-generation panasonkc that consists of more than 19 models across, medium format, and large format varieties.

The latter offers shutter speeds as long panxsonic 60 seconds for night shots or, alternatively, you can use the Starry Sky mode with shutter speeds of 15, 30, and 60 seconds.

It is not suitable for professional photography. Even though the shot below is under pretty harsh lighting conditions, I would have liked to see a greater dynamic range. Permission to publish both versions was asked for paasonic granted.


What that means for you is that buildings will remain almost straight across the zoom range, rather than bending in or out.

Cinemartin has launched three new 8K global shutter video cameras with Raw shooting modes and custom code support. In fact, one of the first things that struck me when I shot with the Panasonic FZ18 is that I’d have to put a minimum of 3 lenses plus a 1. Wide angle view medium image view large image. Charge time is approximately 2 hours. As is common among digital cameras, Auto minimizes the number of parameters you can set manually while Program AE takes care of the basics, but allows you some flexibility in choosing certain settings like ISO, etc.

Full telephoto view medium image view large image. The Extended Optical Zoom does a very good job of furthering the lens’ focal range, albeit at the expense of image noise and resolution.

Escura Instant 60s is a retro-inspired instant camera that doesn’t need batteries. The FZ18 is the successor to the FZ8.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ18 – Wikipedia

Build quality is very good. It was a used camera but performs like new. The pop-up flash must be deployed manually, even in auto mode. Mode 1 provides continuous stabilization and it can come in handy for composition but is harder panasojic the battery.