Pyarelal Ramprasad Sharma Music Assistant. She is allowed to marry for money, get disillusioned with her husband and try for a second chance with a former boyfriend. I guess it’s the whole boy-coming-of-age thing that is bit of an old trope! But even here, there is no peace for him. Rakesh asks her about Bankey and she unwittingly confirms the latter’s story by admitting that he brought her to Bombay from her village. She enjoyed his attention while poor Rakesh was consumed with jealousy. He was deeply in love with the beautiful Sumitra Tanuja. Where will it all end?

Please Login with Facebook. And this hero does not exactly sermonise – I did not mean to give that impression! Rakesh is rather full of self-pity and has a very black and white view of the world that he insists on imposing over every situation. For instance, the cabaret dancer Renu is shown to have a devoted admirer and she is never given the “fallen woman” treatment by anybody. He never once brings up izzat! Add the first question. The Thursday ones were much better because we could always expect the unexpected — famous actors in unusually fun films with great songs. Real-time popularity on IMDb.

Cue for a flashback to Rakesh’s happier times.

Well, nobody could accuse Rakesh of discharging his debts any more than dutifully! His life story has almost as many twists and turns as a good piece of fiction!! Pld belligerently walks over to demand a noise shut-down – and who does he meet next door but his former neighbour Renu! Sharmi Ghosh Dastidar December 18, at 8: Rakesh immediately springs into action.


Use the HTML below. But even here, there is no peace for him. Am adding it to my list. D His 60s films are usually juar. Share this Rating Title: And this hero does not exactly sermonise – I did not mean to give that impression!

Best Films of Shashi Kapoor.

Without further ado, Rakesh is convinced that Saroj really was using him as the “beautiful idiot” that Bankey called him. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? It is, on the whole, a pretty well made film.

Miss Kusum Hair Stylist. A young Shashi leaves the pretentious lifestyle of his father and ends up being a gambler. That marks quite a change for director Suraj Prakash of Jab Jab Phool Khile fame and naturally makes Shashi’s character very progressive!

Edit Did You Know? Since he is the hero, he also has a heart of gold. The two start meeting often, going on picnics and long drives interspersed with songs. Beth December 18, at 9: The two are just getting down to a manly conversation with fisticuffs, when Saroj walks in.

I love this movie but it certainly does have an un healthy dose of hypocrisy and I completely agree that moralizing Shashi is his most unappealing form.


Back then, I remember loving this one to bits. This wasn’t the end of Rakesh’s troubles.

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Bollyviewer January 2, at 3: Edit Cast Complete credited cast: And it looks like a lot of huari candy too! She cooks him a hearty meal and tells him that she likes helping people.

You can also view the crew by department using the drop-down menu. A young man falls into the path of gambling and fraud after experiencing betrayal in love from one woman after another.

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Rakesh forgets all his anger and Renu is delighted to see her kindly benefactor again. See what’s trending now. This doesn’t last and ends with a misunderstanding that makes him travel to Delhi, the same place where his first love Tanuja mobie.

She is unwell and would like to see him. I just wish he was a bit olc of a Devdas sort – drinking-n-gambling for a broken heart is so silly though he is NOT a jerk like Devdas! And she is interested in him, too, because she asks him about the woman he mentioned in his drunken mutterings.

Rakesh’s mother Kumari Naaz Feature Film Hindi Juari Dir.: