Once outside, the Numberjacks are shown in a live-action setting although themselves still animated ; they diagnose their problems by examination, and with help from additional ideas from the agents, who call into the base. Be clear what you mean or the Problem Blob will make trouble for you, as Four finds out. The Problem Blob makes things go wrong when people can’t estimate – Five to the rescue. Not just a few problems, lots of them – Four makes the Numbertaker take more than he wants to. Three, Four, Five, Six Meanie: Spooky Spoon is mixing things up again, so instead of being on, things are off – Four is on the case.

The Shape Japer is making bad circles – Six is ready to sort her out. This is also the only time where the Numberjacks didn’t recap what happened on the screen at the end. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Five sorts out the Puzzler’s problems – and checks to make sure. Things don’t belong when Spooky Spoon mixes things up – another problem for Five. Things don’t move when they should – Six has got to sort Spooky Spoon out.

Spooky Spoon is jumping things about — and Four is the Numberjack to sort her out.

Five sorts things out. The show has a swing of science fiction in it, as the Numberjacks take residence in a couch in a house, everything around them moves of its own accord, and humans must be scarce numberjakcs launching time.

There are five evil villains, the Meanieswho often cause trouble for people; the Problem Blob, the Puzzler, and the Numbertaker are male villains, while the Shape Japer and Spooky Spoon are female villains. This was the only time the launcher breaks. Volume 3 This volume also contained a special free Christmas CDwhich was released in December By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Shape Japer is after things that come in 8s – Four goes on the mission.


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The Numbertaker is taking all the 4s he can find – will Four escape his clutches? Spooky Spoon makes sure things are well out of order – until Five sorts her out.

The Puzzler has Nine trapped in a puzzle bubble – Three and Six come to the rescue. The problems encountered are all based upon simple mathematical concepts, and the programme is intended to stimulate young children’s interest in mathematics. The Puzzler is making things bigger and smaller — Six and his buddy tiles save the day. When One goes out alone there’s one more of everything – Four rides the railway to the rescue. The first series, consisting of 45 minute episodes, was premiered on BBC Two on 16 Octoberwhile the second series, consisting of 20 minute episodes, was premiered on CBeebies in ; both “specials” were also exclusive to DVD.

The Problem Blob causes trouble, with Four getting slimed and having to be a human, and the man sitting on the table getting the behaviours of a Numberjack! It was then repeated on CBeebies at 11 am and 3 pm on the same day.

People need more information — so Four goes out there battling with the Puzzler.

Standing By To Zoom! The Shape Japer is making bad circles – Six is ready to sort her out. Its up to Zero to be the hero and resue all the numberjacks before its too late! Retrieved from ” https: This is the only episode where the Brain Gain machine was never used.

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However, Brain Gain can only be pursued if the Numberjacks find out who the meanie explained below is, and the details of the problem in hand. The Shape Japer makes trouble with symmetry – Four goes out to sort things out. The Problem Blob Agents: Things don’t move when they should – Six has got to sort Spooky Spoon out. The Numberjacks have a holiday at the beach, only to face troubles with all the five meanies!


This is Three’s first solo mission. In this episode, three of the Meanies work together. The Problem Blob is making things longer, so Four flies out to stop the blob.

The male Numberjacks are even numbers and the female Numberjacks are odd numbers – however, Nuumberjacks is voiced by a male actor Dylan Robertson, who also voices Zero. Retrieved 18 February The Shape Japer Agents: Be clear what you mean or the Problem Blob will make trouble for you, as Four finds out. This is a minute special, and all five of the Meanies work together.

The Numbertaker takes all the even numbers except the zeroes – Six and Eight fly out to put things right. Things aren’t being shared fairly, thanks to the Problem Blob – Six makes everything all right.

The Shape Japer is having fun with cylinders – Five to the rescue. Four finds things add up to 7 when the Puzzler’s about, with a kidnapped Seven.

This is the first time all the Numberjacks are together. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.