Below is a screenshot of Nero Burning Rom’s specs for the drive. R03 comments, 1 good , 0 mixed , 0 poor. In this case, the maximum speed reaches 8x. But they may be fixed in new firmware versions. The tray is equipped with rubber padding to reduce noise and dust penetration inside the device. But if you are not lucky, you may try to find this version in Internet.

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The most annoying thing is the shiny surface of LabelFlash discs, which seriously deteriorates the image perception quality, just as the white-blue gamma of the label md-4551a.

Lightscribe discs are a matt gold colour and they get darker under a laser. The recorder reads well various CD types. Whenever we tried to burn them, the recorder popped up the power calibration error.

Unfortunately, nef cannot burn such images on CDs, but there is a chance that this option will be added later on. It’s a lot faster at the lower quality settings as quick as 5 minutesbut at 85p per Labelflash disc, it’s worth waiting for the best results. After this speed it will not increase anymore.

NEC ND-4551A DVD Writer

We found out no compatibility problems, the recorder works well with most discs. Nd-45551a, theoretically there must be a way to add LabelFlash to any drives, based on a similar NEC chipset. And newly developed Labelflash DVD disc structure realizes the optimal focusing setting because the picture-burning layer at 0.

Recent Drivers  PWLA8391GTBLK DRIVER

Galaxy S10, 5G, Folding Phones. The recorder uses Z-CLV mode to nd-4551a discs at x. If the recorder doesn’t like the disc, it can use P-CAV mode to burn that disc. R03 comments, 0 good1 mixed0 poor. They hold a decent amount of data and can be discarded without the sickening feeling of financial loss you’d get from throwing a costly 4GB memory card out the window. Test Results If you want to analyze detailed test results, you may nd-4551s them here.

Conclusions With the appearance of LabelFlash users got quite a powerful tool for burning high quality labels on their discs. But LabelFlash has an additional nnec – it allows to burn images on the data side of discs.

The technology marries the unique Yamaha DiscT 2 Tattoo technology for picture burning on CD-R data side with the photochemical expertise of Fuji Photo Film, which is a leading company in dye technologies for optical media. The recorder uses CAV mode for reading most CDs, the read speed gradually rises from 22x at the beginning of the disc to maximum 48x to the end.

There are small problems with record quality of some discs from little known manufacturers. The record quality at maximum speeds is generally acceptable, but you are recommended not to exceed the 4x speed to obtain higher quality. CD characteristics of the recorder allow comfortable operations with any CD types.


The real burn speed will not exceed 2. Tired of scrawling illegible labels on CDs? R03 comments, 1 good0 mixed0 poor. Similar modifications were made to the ND, which got the name ND Lines and paragraphs break automatically. Below is a screenshot of Nero Burning Rom’s specs for the drive.

But they may be fixed in new firmware versions. The second rating between the is a normal average rating. After only a short period, they released yet another, the NDA.


Besides, the shiny disc surface does not contribute to the image quality. If you need a new disc writer, look no further. The drive requires no special nd-455a. The rear panel of the drive contains an operational digital audio-out. Our only gripe with optical media is that labelling is a nightmare.