Nothing wrong with it. Rahul on Men, maleness, masculinity and…. Not seen Poraali yet. Tejas November 29, I know she supposed to look somber and frustrated but is there really no other way to convey somber ness? Will any other actor from the current crop allow himself to be slapped — twice — by the heroine? Would have made Sundar good-looking hunk with a tinge of arrogance — friendly nevertheless.

You echoed my thoughts on the heroine. Why this kolaveri, Seethu? I would have thought you would mention this scene.. And what a blooper the awards ceremony turned out to be! Might be fear of an audience, no? Destiny is not done dicking around with Dhanush. Does it mean realisitic if the hero is shown as psycopath??

ME is a step backwards for Selva. Her calm sermon to her misbehaving friend is like a silent F U.


As is the scene where he pours out the contents of the bottle, but not before pouring himself one last drink. And we found the chemistry interesting enough — to each, his own.

It was too drastic completely opposite to the modern girl which was shown in the first half. Sneha Shankar December 3, Ditto on her TV serial look too.

Why mayakkaam kolaveri against adverbs? Karthigai Pengal – Please check back later. Might be fear of an audience, no?

Of course, assuming you even feel like setting pen to paper. But that scene on that beach where the friends pounce on one of their own for daring to date a girl without telling them is right from the la-la land of the evergreen nanben da. Would have made Sundar good-looking hunk with a tinge of arrogance — friendly nevertheless. Neengalum Vellalam Oru Kodi – But, would it be possible for us to use the word aai, which is in fact the Tamil equivalent of shit, as indiscreetly as we use shit, without contorting our faces.


Rajanand December 4, Women, luckily, are a lot wiser and stronger than Selva gives them credit for in seriql film.

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I found some of the subversive instances extremely annoying. Which is what he asks i guess. And even so, it did mayaklam assault my senses that badly since she at least LOOKED the part and she and Ranbir shared a fantastic chemistry that, to some extent, enabled to me to forgive these poor acting bits.

Mohan November 30, RV on Men, maleness, masculinity and…. In the film, Karthik is totally dark and Yamini is totally white.

Which film has more fantasy elements to it, AO or ME? Why not show him read a book or two, ask an expert or two?

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Well, anyway, hope you have posed some really googlies instead of the dollies you pamper your interview candidates with usually. Sathish November 29, And with better actors, he could made this something else altogether.

Notify me of new comments via email. It exists in a kind of heightened emotional zone, filled with bleeding-heart poetry, and this gets quite ugly to watch at times.

Harish S Mayakoam November 29, The trainee approaches the professional — but myaakkam latter is anything but encouraging, a mentor in no sense of the word.


Bullet-point Report: “Mayakkam Enna”

In Mayakkam Enna, the bad acting affected me more because of many reasons: I think with a deliberate use of that word again and again Selva is using it as a parody to probe a lot of uncomfortable questions.

Richa did a great job IMO. And Dhaush accepts that with all the guilt and shame. mayakkxm

All her scenes we watch by imagining what a better actress could have accomplished in this role. I also thought of many of the things that you have mentinoed Yippee! If the filmmaker has the ability to execute material which can brutally shock the audience and have the confidence in his audience that they will accept it, then by choosing a rather utopian ending, he then betrays mzyakkam same confidence.

Krishna Kumar December 1, That blank look which Richa spots throughout the movie reminded me of Sonia Agarwal from 7g. Masala Kudumbam – Segial, then, would you define non-linear storytelling? I would have thought you would mention this scene. I think he made a fantastic movie and this is a stepping stone onto bigger things. Almost immediately, we serisl him alone at night, on the street, with only a dog for company.