Another reason for the two step process is that encoding a movie generally takes significantly longer than simply copying the data to a disk. Is there a way to select parts of a title before running this program? Been using makemkv for several years Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Both are currently free and haven’t had problems with quality. Higher numbers mean more compression which results in smaller file sizes. I created a Make MKV folder on a spare drive, but you can choose anywhere. Mar 27, Posts: These are some minor tweaks that can help save a little time once you start the copying process.

The primary reason I use a two step process is so that I have the raw files already available in case something with the encoding does not work properly. I have no idea why it is taking you 2 hours to rip a Blu-ray- usually takes me about 15 minutes. The tools I’ve seen so far don’t seem to pick them up. I only need bits and parts of my blu rays not the whole film etc This is what I do to five extenders. I think I’m just going to try another movie, like Episode 4 as you suggested.

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I use plex on an always on computer and it will convert it on the fly to all my devices in my house which is makenkv nice. With flawless disc surfaces it will rip some percentage of the film and then just quit. I haven’t used handbrake in a while but I do remember there was an option to “burn in” subs not my picture image found with google search.


MakeMKV – This program will copy the raw decrypted video files to your hard drive. Obviously, the movie or TV show will be the largest file. Once you’ve selected the titles you want to copy click the Make MKV button to start the copy process.

There are 2 English subtitles, 1 Spanish, and another English. I find seconds subtiltes be good, would also work well. MakeMKV 27 votes [ Higher compression comes at the cost of image quality however so you do not want to go to extreme. Great software and very easy to use. The default value of 20 is good for a DVD movie.

These are some minor tweaks that can help save a little time once you start the copying process. They also have a Program for Blu-rays too that they say works the same. I’ve tried multiple different files too.

It well may be that Handbrake no longer is compiled to support what I want to do. Eventually I did reluctantly.

Sat Sep 01, 9: Handbrake does support SRT with no problems. I’m going to try episode 2 next to see if it’s just the new episodes that I’m having trouble with, or just episode 1. Edited by chef, 28 May – Thanks Jackass Yeah, I already saw that page. Encoding the movie Open Handbrake and select the MKV file you want to encode by clicking Source in the toolbar then selecting File from the menu that opens.

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Makemkg for Linux anyway hanndbrake the option to run the mkv file from MakeMKV into a reduced-size mkv file while maintaining full quality.


Plans were then made to reintegrate MediaFork as a direct successor to HandBrake. The second piece is Handbrake which is used to encode he movies into a. While the amount of data has increased exponentially, the predicted life MakeMKV and Handbrake don’t offer that level of control. Works fine if not protected though.

Wikimedia Commons has subtotles related to HandBrake. I eubtitles both with a. You have to get the libdvdcss file from VLC. Any help would be appreciated. LinuxmacOSWindows. The previous version of Handbrake I had was kinda broken when it came to subtitles.

One2Go 18 Jan For instance, I had some episodes at p and don’t really need them above p. Thats if you don’t want a. I have seen in some other posts that folks say select all audio tracks for your language I do this today and for subtitles and then sort it out in HB.

Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. I’ve completed over blu ray rips this way.

Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Handbraie using the nightly builds for Handbrake currently svnand the behavior of the subtitle pane is a bit different in those. It is fast at muxing Bluray rips into the MKV You can mux your subtitles into the container really easy.