Published April 1st by Puffin Books first published May 05, SFrick rated it it was amazing Shelves: Swiftly paced from the first page. Now, I have introduced him to my children and they rooted for him to find his away across miles of icy, steep terrain to return to the boy who loves him and who he loves too. My favorite characters was Martha and Jon, because they were so kind, so understanding, but Martha still got her heart broken. Any book that I still remember nearly twelve years after I read it deserves more stars than I’m allowed to give. Kavik the Wolf Dog by Walt Morey ,.

It turns out that Kavik’s a champion sled dog, and soon he makes a full r An extraordinary journey of instinct and survival from the author of Gentle Ben When Andy Evans stumbles upon the snow-covered wreckage of a small plane, he’s shocked to find a survivor. The illustrations by Parnall are serviceable, but not the kind of work for which I seek him out. I read this aloud to one of my nieces about ten years ago. Sep 12, Jack rated it really liked it. What the synopsis doesn’t say is how wonderful and detailed the writing is. My second favorite part of the book was when he returned to the boy that saved his life.

The book is kind of lik I chose this book because I had read other books from this author and I loved then so I continued reading the books he do written. Jun 18, Reagan rated it it was amazing Shelves: There were other slight distracting plot holes like this, but the story was still good.

Sep 12, Jack rated it really liked it. Swiftly paced from the first page. This one gets five stars, hands down.

Nov 13, Tristan Goding rated it liked it. I still have my beloved copy from childhood when I first fell in love with Kavik. Jan 30, Martine rated it it was amazing.


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I read this book once when I was 10, and then did a book report on it every year until I graduated high school and even did a paper on it in college. There are some intense moments here and there and some of the material is guaranteed to choke up any dog lover, but it’s a beautiful story and it’s wonderfully written. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Should he put the gravely injured dog out of his misery? Feb 06, Phylicia rated it it was amazing. If I could rewrite the book I would have more characters like a best friend for Andy the boy who saved solf dog, maybe even give Andy some siblings that helped with the dog or somebody but I totally would add more characters.

So the next day, he goes and buys him.

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Well worth an afternoon or two of yours. Kavik the Wolf Dog by Walt Morey. The only trouble is, Moovie have no idea how true to animal nature all this is.

There are some intense moments here and there and some of the material is guaranteed to choke up any dog lover, but it’s This was a wonderful children’s book, full of heart and life, about the loyalty of an animal and its trek to defy the odds and return to its owner who, selflessly, saved his life after finding him in a plane wreck.

She loved it, so of course, I did, too. If you enjoy books similar to Wolffang or Call of the Wild then you will enjoy Kavik’s story.

Is this story stronger because Kavik deals with the wilderness in his travels, whereas Lassie encounters more problems dealing with human civilization? I had forgotten how much I liked this book. So the next day, he goes and bu I love this book, to say the least. I made the right choice because it was awesome when Kavik fought the other Wolf to win over the love of another female wolf.


I loved this book so much as a child that I learned everything I could about wolves. To view it, click here. It is a story of survival and coming of age for both dog and boy–they each learn to tue a place for themselves in the world.

A canine’s life isn’t ruled movis such things. He was, indeed, a wolf dog. A dog story with all the odds against him Aug 28, Alyssa rated it really liked it Shelves: May 24, P.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I still maintain that he was my best friend during that period of time when he lived in my mind.

I considered him my best friend. Smilie crashes, and Kavik survives the crash. I dolf wrote to David Mech when I was 12 asking how to become an animal behavioralist. I still base all my roleplay wolfdogs off Doog and his beautiful story.

Her very favorite book at the time was “Good Dog” by Avi. Trivia About Kavik the Wolf Dog. The dog’s name is Kavik.

Kavik the Wolf Dog by Walt Morey

May 05, SFrick rated it it was amazing Shelves: Because of all the dog stories I have been reading lately. I would have Great book! The Horn Book “