Raima tries to put some black magic on Wajmaj so he can divorce her, and Wajmaj pretends that he is drunk in front of Raima and makes her made Zareena dance seeing this Raima thinks that Wajmaj has gone crazy and changes her plan for putting black magic. Next day Raima and Wajmaj take a marriage proposal for Manahil from Abrar Zainab and Seher also appear quickly they ask that what nonsense is happening and Raima replies to them that Abrar is her brother and she has chosen Manahil as her wife Aasiya and Zainab like always react but their reaction turns into a sweet happy hug and they start calling each other sisters, after looking at Abrar and Manahil’s happiness all of them get happy and their mothers agree, Seher reminds Manahil that she once promised her that she will bring her to her home as Abrar’s wife and tells her that now her promise is being fulfilled every one laughs, hug, talk and enjoy and the engagement ceremony takes place and marriage plan is decided and every one is happy Manahil and Abrar’s relationship is being made into a wedding plan and Raima and Wahaj are also happy, Seher Aasiya Zainab and Manahil’s siblings are also shown happy, engagement is done they all live happily and the Story ends. On 20 August the series ended after completing 20 episodes. Raima was actually following Wahaj when she reaches there with Abrar she asks him that he should be going and should start what he was told. The Episode starts with Wahaj, it shows that he is talking to his friend and he says that he can do anything to get Raima back and he can also kill Abrar his friend Calms im and tells him to be patient. Comedy , Romance , Drama. Views Read Edit View history.

When the series aired its 19th episode it was found that the show had gained so many fans on its 19th episode that it was among the high charts. They cannot opt out matrimony owing to the will left by their respective fathers. There on the other hand Seher and Zainab her and Abrar’s mom are in Manahil’s house for the marriage proposal of Manahil and Abrar both families agree to this and are now very happy. Next morning Wahaj tells Raima to sign Divorce papers she thinks he is doing this for Manahil while both have a talk about each other there Plan for making each other jealous is opened so all the miss-understanding is cleared and both laugh out there problems and are very happy while laughing loudly Zareena hears them laughing and tells Wahaj’s servant Sharfu that both can never love each other and can never even sit with each other so there’s only one thing left that they are mentally ill so both Sharfu and Zareena run away. Views Read Edit View history. After Abrar is forgiven, Seher and his Mom believes him that he is true, Manahil finally tells her mom that she is not in love with Wajmaj and she was only working for him seeing this her mom gets emotional and hugs her. The show was stopped and it was decided that in will resume on 6 August Seher gets married and every thing is settled.

Zainab then invites Raima to her house kahanj now Seher and Zainab are treating Raima as their family members and this attitude of theirs is annoying Raima. Wahaj has invited Manahil to some park to clear out all misunderstandings he also takes Raima with him, when Manahil reaches there she accidentally meets Abrar both start fighting when Raima and Wahaj draama them fighting they stop them and tell them everything and asks then that all four of them would discuss all problems and would plan to finish them on a lunch out.

The Episode starts with Wahaj, it shows that he is talking to his friend and he says that he can do anything to get Raima back and he can also kill Abrar his friend Calms im and tells him to be patient.

Seher’s husband starts blaming her that her brother is a spoilt boy and is not talking to her seeing this Seher’s mother gets emotional just then Manahil’s enters and seeing her she also gets emotional in conclusion both mothers crying thinking that both of their daughters are unlucky that they have such mothers. Seher’s husband sees Abrar with Raima and tells her about his affair, Seher asks Abrar about this and he handles the situation by saying that he treats Raima as his sister.


After that she takes her home and asks her that she should marry Wajmaj. Wahaj tries to talk to Abrar whom he ignores same happens with Raima and Manahil. It also shows osr Manahils mother Aasiya has fixed her marriage date with some weird man.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Raima and Wajmaj are married from past eight years and hate each other they can not divorce each other because the one who attempts to divorce will not be the part of the will signed by their parents. Manahil agrees to work with Iahani, and now Abrar is working for Raima while Manahil is working for Wajmaj. Oi of Seher are asking for about 2 lack rupees kahqni can not be afforded because of which Bunty, Seher and their Mom are really depressed seeing this Manahil’s Mother is also feeling sorry for them.

The lines are frequently played during the show. Raima and Wajmaj are now planning to make each other feel jealous, by this Wajmaj invites Manahil to his house and Raima decides to spend her whole day with Abrar before this process Raima takes Abrar for shopping so he can look more decent and same happens with Manahi manshil Wajmaj.

Because of their jobs, Manahil and Abrar are not talking with each other. Kahani Raima Aur Manahil Ki.

Manahil’s Mother Asiya is suspecious about Manahil and spies on her she sees Manahil with Wajmaj and thinks that both are having a love affair. Manahil and Abrar lose their jobs. Use Pakistani English from June All Wikipedia articles written in Pakistani English Use dmy dates from June Pages using infobox television with editor parameter Articles with hAudio microformats Album infoboxes lacking a cover.

The Next day Story focuses on a comedic fight it is shown that Manahil’s family and Abrar’s family are shouting at each other and are teamed up it shows that first they argue with each other and then they start fighting with ash other after that it is shown that both hate each other a lot.

Raima was actually following Wahaj when she reaches there with Abrar she asks him that he should be going and should start what he was told. After looking at Raima’s Wealth Seher tells Zainab about her and tells her that through her they can be rich.

Kahani Raima Aur Manahil Ki Episode 7 HUM TV Drama

Nothing has currently change between the characters it shows that Manahil and Abrar’s mothers, Aasiya and Zainab are doing the local vegetable shopping when they both meet Aasiya tries to showoff in front of her friends that she is going to have a great son-in-law after that she and Zainab start arguing each other because of something and this leads them to fighting.

She gets very angry and sends her husband away, Raima handles the condition and tells her that she was treating his as a friend in reality but in front of Wajmaj she would have treated him as his date. Raima goes to meet Seher and Zainab she treats them with the same weird way they did and makes them happy she tells that she is Abrar’s sister and wants him to marry her favourite girl they accept.

Sehers Marriage takes place and every one is very happy it is also shown that Seher knows about Manahil and Abrar’s relationship and instead of being angry she want them to marry soon.

Kahani Raima Aur Manahil Ki OST HUMTV Drama – video dailymotion

The story revolves around two couples. The second couple is that of Abrar and Manahil, who love each other but cannot marry owing to financial constrains. The leap also focuses on Manahil and Abrar’s life that both have there families have gained anger against each other.

Raima gets confuse tells her to shut up and leaves. Next morning Wahaj and Raima are enjoying there breakfast and talk about Abrar and Manahil that because of them there love storey is hurt.

The first couple, Wamaj and Raima to an upper-middle-class family and have been married for the past eight years dfama their hatred for each other, and second couple Abrar bunty and Manahil bubbly who love each other.


Kahani Raima Aur Manahil Ki OST HUM TV Drama

The series is a comedy tale focusing on how the two sort out their lives, huk try their best to get what they want. After Ramadan the timings of the show changed and it aired airing during Wednesday and Thursday at 9: Retrieved from ” https: Manahil and Abrar are not talking to each other while Raima and Wajmaj have fallen in deep love. Manahil’s mom is not telling Manahil to marry Wamaj.

In the start it is shown that Bunty’s family lives in the portion of Manahils ko as their Renters.

Aasiya Manahil’s mom tells her the news but instead of asking amnahil she is getting married to Manahil agrees. Khudbudeen tells Seher and Abrar’s mother that Abrar has married Raima and they both yv him a lot and order him to leave the house. On the other hand, it was shown that Manahil tells her mom about Abrar that he is in love with Raima her mom gets very angry and starts hating Abrar.

After episode 19th the 20th episode was its final episode, it was also found that the last episode has also gained quite number of viewers than imagined.

After all planning Manahil goes home and asks her mom Aasiya that both of them should consult a priest before their marriage. The show didn’t hocked up that much fans from the start of it there were many reasons why it couldn’t do so, but after episode 7 there series got so much response that it was among the most watched TV Series. Here the Story takes 2 months leap and shows that Raima is Talking to Numra, she tells her that she madly love Wahaj butshe will only be happy when he will be happy which she thinks can be fulfilled by his marriage with Manahil same is happening with Wahaj.

Kahani Raima Aur Manahil Ki Episode 1 HUM TV Drama – video dailymotion

Kahanu first couple, Wamaj and Raima to an upper-middle-class family and have been married for the past eight years despite their hatred for each other. Seher gets married and every thing is settled. In the mont of Ramadan the show was stopped because of airing of other shows, it was decided that it will air its episode 19th after the month of Ramadan, in Ramadan many people watched the show on internet, it gained so many views and fans in Ramadan, when Ramadan ended the show instead of airing its 19th Episode showed the entire manhail of previous episodes for two invective days at 9: Numra advises Raima to date another guy from his boutique, while Wajmaj’s friend advises him to date someone from draka office.

The title song video is done by Sajal Ali and Mehreen Raheel themselves. The next morning Raima goes to Manahil’s home and humiliates her badly while standing on the front gate, Manahil tries to tell her the truth which she fully denies to listen, she tells her that she has a very bad character and that she should back off from Wahaj, Manahil warns her and tells her that before telling her what to do she should look inside herself and asks her that what sort of a woman would want her husband back while dating another young man?

Abrar’s Mother Zainab wants him to marry someone by this she invited people for bringing marriage proposal but later rejects as Abrar denies. Hum Awards Hum Films List of programs. Finally a marriage proposal comes for Seher and she is accepted for the marriage seeing this bubbly and bunty and the whole family are very happy, Raima makes a plan to show Wajmaj that she is interested on another man by doing so she takes her friend Numra’s husband on a lunch.