I just hoped they would die soon is all. Then our seemingly bumbling forensics specialist, Kudo, ends up joining the team. I can also say that the ending for Joker hinted at another season, but this was and today is the end of , so who knows if anything will actually result. Everything happens for a reason, and I never believed that anyone has a right to judge anyone else. I have yet to see a JDo that does anything ‘mixed’ and probably never will. Japanese drama and movies.

Being an American, I’m able to sit completely unaffected and immune to their sympathetic tears. The word JOKER was explained – kind a – during the end of this episode drama, but it didn’t help to make any sense, so I can’t be of any help in that regard, either. Specials, to me, are supposed to answer all the unanswered questions, delve deeper into certain characters, and show us what happened AFTER the close of the last episode. I can remember not liking Nishi when I was first introduced to him years ago. Was this review helpful to you? Dude has a long list of skills on his resume, and I’m making my way through everything available online the same way I did with Kimura Takuya, Yamashita Tomohisa, Takenouchi Yutaka, and Abe Hiroshi.

Asuka Miyagi 10 episodes, An idealistic banker takes on corruption and wrongdoing at his large corporate bank.

I liked it because of that and the fact that it starred two of my favorite, JDo actors. Ryo did gurusarezaru great job acting, too, though. Kudo seems to have pieced together a theory, but Date rejects it, saving the opportunity to confront the killer and shoot him personally. Sanadamaru TV Series Detective trainee Asuka Miyagi Anne is assigned to assist Date.

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And that’s why people call him Buddha That it works for the plot. I can remember not liking Nishi when I was first introduced to him years ago. Miyagi Natsuki 10 episodes, Takuya Nagaoka Audible Download Audio Books. Some other shows are purely episodic, which is a bit disappointing, since the series is short – why not do something with it? During the day, he is known as a “Buddha” for his gentle personality, pouring all of his energy into resolving each case.


Producers walk into the studio with the joer in their hand and smile at the crew. They don’t kill the bad guys, but they do exact a totally cool form of justice.

Every special I’ve ever seen thus far has only ever rehashed the previous episodes, making no sense whatsoever. Ichimura Shigenori 10 episodes, She wants to learn all she can in order to solve the mystery surrounding aniki’s death.

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The series poses questions about what justice and evil truly are. In a move to influence the Shogunate He’s the type of guy who grows on you with his personality and charisma, his selfless charm, and an undeniable persona that spell disaster for any woman NOT wanting to fall in love.

Mizoguchi Kiichi 10 episodes, That’s just the way it goes. Hotta Teruo 10 episodes, Takemoto Kanji 10 episodes, Start your free trial. Legal High TV Movie Takemoto Kanji 10 episodes, Takeshi Kaga Buy it at Amazon! Joker’s special picked up where we left off, but then it showed the older scenes, but with Kudo and the girl cop wondering why this had to happen, why Date chose to behave the way he did, etc. It was better, but not good enough.

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Yet, in our society, some of these clowns are simply the ill-advised and neglected children of the daycare generation with zero morals or upbringing who end up walking into a crowded mall or movie theater and opening fire.

I just hoped they yurusarezarh die soon is all.

Or, maybe the Christian mentality of ‘oh well, God will get them when all is said and done’ makes me not like the idea of revenge for the sake of revenge. Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Video.

Joker – Yurusarezaru Sousakan – 08

Atsuhime TV Series Nothing too unusual, too complex, not too outstanding even. I like the idea of revenge, as long as someone else is pulling all the strings and not me, and I think criminals deserve to be punished, this or that side of the law, but at the end of the day, I don’t want to believe or accept that it’s just a part of life and the way of the world.


Search for ” Joker: Joker is the story of a young boy who suffers through a horrific past and ends up under the disturbing yet strangely compassionate watchful eye of another cop after Date witnesses the gruesome deaths of his debt-ridden parents. Spanning over 50 episodes, we follow the historical fiction of the Sanada clansmen as they plotted and fought their ways to survive the changing Date and Kudo had a right, in a manner of speaking, to behave the way they did, but I don’t know that we have a right to judge them, their behavior, or that of a killer or a victim.

Date and team work hard to bring the criminal to justice and offer some form of consolation to the victims family, but it never pans out, so the night-time Date and Kudo take matters into their own hands. Or, is everyone from 90 down to 9 reading manga and therefore its just to be expected? The majority of these crimes were senseless but, aren’t they all? Edit Cast Series cast summary: Dude has a long list of skills on his resume, and I’m making my way through everything available online the same way I did with Kimura Takuya, Yamashita Tomohisa, Takenouchi Yutaka, and Abe Hiroshi.

Never-Loose Lawyer Komikado use his way and understanding of the spirit of law win every case on the court of law.