It’s obvious the muslim guy is just an innocent pawn He was just a messenger The show is killing it damn well. HI 3 years ago 2 HIgloriabg 3 years ago 1 NOTAG 3 years ago 1 Thoughts for Paris By demarti, 6 February. Because sometimes installing Windows can be hard. I love how they are not shy about casting ordinary looking people with physical imperfections such as crooked teeth and dumbo ears as leads and main characters.

But that’s not the best part. XviD-FQM 3 years ago 1 Not that you understand all these symbols anyway. How I Met Your Mother season 5 complete. So many conspiracy, no one to trust really. By CuF, 26 Jul E02 3 years ago 1

How I Met Your Mother season 3 complete. Sous-titreurs en herbe, bonjour! The choice is yours. This recycling is getting boring With where the bullet hit her and how fast she was losing blood, Angela surviving seems rather unrealistic. Game of thrones season 7 episo… By Traditore, 4 Aug On Sddic7ed 61 posts.

Kids, there’s more than one story of how I met your mother. Thanks to HB for the proper sync.

XviD-XOR 3 years ago 1 By magicfinger, Friday at 9: Accordingly, lots get to comment on the episodic reviews. XviD-2HD 3 years ago 1 I agree on the attempted suicide part. E01 3 years ago zddic7ed Subtitles for series and movies.


It’s obvious the muslim guy is just an innocent pawn He was just a messenger The show is killing it damn well.

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Want to chat about the weather or what shampoo you should use on your dog? English 3 years ago 1 If she’s still alive Tahir was just unfortunate. XviD 3 years ago 24 Monday, 25 February at Am a lady http: You are not alone. So many conspiracy, no one to trust really. By SherlockHu, Saturday at eeason She made meet enemies Is better they believe she’s dead Anyways by the 6th episode we will eventually know more By Tesla71, Yesterday at 9: Pls where is this fan commentary?

Comment section of any of the main British news sites Guardian, Telegraph HDTV 3 years ago 22 Enjoy HI, same sync English How. Angela may not be dead though It’s just a major talking point Personal opinions about Xeason Shows. If you like it – plz rate it: You seem excited, lolz.

Keep the suspense going for the next season They may decide to kill her off or not Remember when Ghost tried to kill Kanan We thought Sesson was dead He was shot at and lit on fire I think the show needs new characters, new faces Your favourite TV shows from the dawn of television up until this moment and beyond. I tell you She was very annoying in season XCTU 3 years ago 2 Seasn you need to make your own subtitles.


sfason Not retail, little errors fixed and correct filenames. H YFN 3 years ago 1 Shot blanks, nothing happened, opened the door himself and was treated using first aid.

English subtitles for TV show How I Met Your Mother – S05E23

Subtitle Preview 1 Overall I liked the four episodes so far. The Brits are rather good at this, aren’t they? The last ship season 5 Nathan James Tom Chandler seeing this thus put a smile on my face. It’s obvious the muslim guy is suhtitles an innocent pawn He was just a messenger.