Just when you’d think this flick would be nothing but Dwayne Johnson, bare-chested and tough, slaughtering stuff, it’s revealed that the narrator is actually the nephew of Hercules, exaggerating the story of his uncle, trying to convince a bunch of pirates not to execute him by putting a stake through his bottoms. The laughable love story is unengaging, poorly scripted and given far too much screen time. I wont give it away, as its basically what the film is about. Language Set favourite s Login. Well, the movie did not disappoint – indeed, it was cheesy, but in such a self-aware way, that it falls out of the “so bad that it’s good” category and gets into the “simply good” one. We see almost motion comic footage of Hercules doing his 12 labours in slideshow form, with Hercules face hidden in silhouette.

It takes it times to grab you, but once it does it doesn’t let go. Where do I begin? They could have been written out and it would have changed nothing. There is a single F word – unnecessary and out of place. There are plenty of similar absurd situations in the movie, and there’s never a pun to fall flat. Even if you aren’t looking for a true-to-its-roots Hercules movie, this movie is so completely generic you could substitute just about any other epic of the same genre and you’d swear it was the same movie. No doubt holding the more interesting material back for future sequels. Bigger groups, bigger fun.

The action scenes are all very well shot by PG standards but everything else is subpar. But it tries to play with our knowledge of him. Let’s face it; The Legend of Hercules isn’t going to resurrect Harlin’s status in Hollywood anytime 20144. The main reason was that I needed some cheesy summer flick to laugh at, and the movie’s trailer did promise this 10080p of dubtitles.

Subtitles for YIFY movie Hercules And rather than a one man- show, we see Hercules aided by a band of loyal friends who are every bit as skilled as the demigod. And I gotta say, after seeing this movie, I’m really looking forward to the Brett Ratner version, and that’s saying something. So right off the bat the trailer has straight up lied to you. It is time for this bunch of lost souls to finally have their eyes opened to how far they have fallen, when they must train an army to become as ruthless and bloodthirsty as their reputation has become.


The origin story of the the mythical Greek hero. It doesn’t break the boundaries of modern fantasy adventure flicks, but it does go against a lot of the tropes and herculess.

Hercules () p YIFY subtitles

Language Set favourite 201 Login. All actors, from the cheesy Johnson and Fiennes to veteran John Hurt, reprise their roles in a great, fleshed-out way. For those hoping for popcorn fare, alittle gory for a ten year old but just about right for a 13 or 14 yearold, for those hoping for solid acting performances, well-choreographedfight scenes, and pretty high yigy values, then this is yourshow. It’s a fairly routine swords and sandals actioner, and the mythical critters teased in the trailer all come before the opening title, and are either tall tales depicted, or things seen unclearly from a distance.

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It is the cinematic equivalent of biting into a chocolate chip cookie only to find out they’re actually raisins. Nothing but trailer fodder that is all over in the first 2 minutes of the film. Hopefully the Brett Ratner version is better and obviously it will be. It always uses slow motion just like which was used better but it was obnoxious and gets old and annoying. I went to see Hercules with little to no expectations. The main reason was that I needed some cheesy summer flick to laugh at, skbtitles the movie’s trailer did yyify this kind of stuff.

What really disappoints is the action sequences.

Hercules – – English Subtitles

The yappy nephew and the mute sidekick‚Ķ. This movie somehow delivers LESS than that. The writers creatively decided to go against the “overpowered supernatural creatures” cliche and instead opted for subttiles huge army of ordinary men. For hercjles, he received nothing but suffering his entire life.

But don’t really add much to the plot. Unimaginative plotting aside, the movie suffers from incredible clunky, modernized dialogue peppered with a variety of British and American accents and awful delivery from the actors.


You can’t get lower than this. Again, i think it would have been better to see it, rather than be told what happened.

Over the years he warmed to the company of six similar souls, their only bond being their love of fighting and presence of death. It will not blow your mind, but it will certainly provide you, your friends and some popcorn with a good time. Hercles you have no idea who Mr Lutz is, check out his appearances in the Twilight instalments. While I’m not familiar with the source material, “Hercules” 0214 remind a little bit of “Asterix and Obelix” and provides solid 98 minutes of pure Hollywood entertainment, comedy and carnage.

But all others need not give this myth any more life. Everything in the movie has been done better in other films. There are a few stretches of how strong Hercules is, but not enough for you to hate it.

After twelve arduous labours and the loss of his family, this dark, world-weary soul turned his back on the gods finding his only solace in bloody battle.

Right down to the costumes and battle sequences. Home Hercules p Hercules 108p Action, Adventure. It would have really benefited from a Conan-esque level of violence to give the movie more weight and better directed action sequences.

Subtitles for YIFY movie

It’s a tad disappointing that a movie about a demigod with incredible strength fares without emotion and plays like generally a mere paint-by- number adventure. I can usually enjoy any swords and sorcery type film and find something good about it.

There are plenty of similar absurd situations in the movie, and there’s never a pun to fall flat.

The 3D has its moments, but like most films I would rather have watched it in 2D as I don’t think it made a major difference and its more comfortable not having to wear those glasses with my head upright the entire time.