The tuner also has a video-out, an exotic feature for tuners, its color standard coincides with the received signal or one applied to the video-in. Video 3Digests Video cards: It only changed its color to match the tuner. With much of the world’s TV broadcasting stations announcing their imminent conversion to digital broadcasting it doesn’t seem feasible to shop for anything analog these days. Sound, video and game controllers , rather than in the USB controllers. Compro Technology demonstrates an original approach even regarding minor parts.

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Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Besides, entry-level computers usually don’t have the USB 2.

Two 6ns EtronTech memory chips of 16MB are used as a buffer for encoded image before transfer. Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method. Compro Technology says why not have a TV tuner that can receive both signals, so that you can use it today, and videomaet on using it tomorrow! The bitrate parameters in the recording parameters are simultaneously playback parameters: There’s also a duplicate audio-out though it’s not needed as sound goes via USB.

Compro Technology, Inc.

You don’t need to adjust anything, only connect an appropriate cable. The smallest digital TV tuner box, with this thumb size design only 9. Anyway, any addition is better than nothing. copro

Recent Drivers  P8H61-MLX3R2.0 DRIVER DOWNLOAD

Remote control This looks like a good unification; the vieomate control doesn’t differ from the one we saw last time. It only changed its color to match the tuner. The tuner supports a TV-outthat is why there are two S-Video connectors. It brings a world of enhanced TV services directly to your PC, turning your computer into a home entertainment center.

MPEG-4 is not supported, and I couldn’t find any alternative software viedomate by this tuner. It is easy to put into your pocket or computer bag and plug it in anywhere at anytime to receive high quality free-to-air digital terrestrial TV broadcast on your desktop or laptop PC. Although I didn’t have the tuner by that time I don’t see any reasons why I shouldn’t believe this. Contact Us Download Site Map. Accessory pack The designers did their best.

Compro VideoMate TV Tuners Get Tick of Approval With Microsoft Windows 7 Certification – ARN

Now when we fished out all the stuff it’s clear why the box was so heavy. Yes that is right, Compro has announced its release of their VideoMate DVB-T with which you can have a foot hold in both worlds as this PCI card can receive both analog as well as digital signals!

No secret that a lot of video cards that generate much heat have fans based on slide bearings. At least one country will need it. The cooler makes the tuner even more similar to the video card here is what the air vents are needed for.


Compro VideoMate TV Tuners Get Tick of Approval With Microsoft Windows 7 Certification

It is certified for Windows Vista. If you need to connect a composite signal source, there’re appropriate adapters.

Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: That is why you shouldn’t worry about life time of the bearings. Alexey Samsonov aka AlS als ixbt.

Compro Technology demonstrates an original approach even regarding minor parts. Secondly, you can correct the image fields.

Compro Videomate S800F TV Tuner Card

All of this with the greatest of mobility with its USB bus driven power, there is no need of an external power adapter! Although we encountered some problems when reviewing the Carr VideoMate TV Gold Plusthe products and Compro Technology’s attitude towards problems left a very pleasant impression.

It looks like a real video card having an iron cover for some reason BioShock Infinite vt Metro: In this case the appearance is very exciting.