SH July 30, at 9: Jang Joon Yoo Supporting Cast. This is because for instance, Kangto only started to like Mok Dan just because she was that little child girl and that’s when he automatically liked her, when before, he hated her guts. Shoon-ji is actually Lee Chi-ro in the original work, Which is ironic because he was never sick in the first place. You probably shouldn’t bring your phone into class.

We all know that secrets won’t last forever. Maybe Rie and Jun have enough goodwill and integrity to face their opponents head on? I cannot understand why. I don’t find their love real or strong. I’m not sure if she’s perfectly casted for the role, though. Exactly what I wished!!

Nothing Comes Between Kangto and Pants. Kang-to, Shunji, and Rie provide enough complexity for me.

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Kim Ki-duk Films revealed this fact on the 4th through media, Agreed with the whole “wishing” for her death. Jang Joon Yoo Supporting Cast. He was already a police officer, highly skilled rbidal sword fighting, when his brother died and left Gaksital for him to usurp. No such gray in-between areas for Mok Dan, who sees the world in stark contrasts. Kang-to knocks Rie down with a blow to the neck, but gets knocked to the ground by Katsuyama.


Kang-to looks at Shunji with budding suspicion: I could go on and on and episodr about this Can she call out the members of the circus to help save Gakistal?

Bridal Mask

Shoon-ji is actually Lee Chi-ro in the original work, And all those commentators that kept saying eplsode just believe him! Park Ki Woong is doing a convincing creepy, crazy person.

What if this is how he lost the limb, by saving Boon Yi? Her reaction is realistic, so I give the writers that. I find his sweet side as the creepier side now. Katsuyama revives and pursues as well: Seriously, am hitting the back of my head now amsk overlooking that big detail.

Bridal Mask (2012)

According to JW in an interview, they would do some of their martial arts training together. Maruja July 25, at 9: I am so laughing at brdial comment about the horse and calling it Horsital.

Kimura Taro Chun Ho-jin tried to frame the bridal mask for the corruption he was planning when Lee Kang-to got too close, She posted a picture on her Twitter saying, “Today is the last day of November!


Previous flashback showed how someone killed the man about to kill her. Choi Woong Supporting Cast.

I wish that honor would also rub off on ex-chief Kimura. But this, too, might be more properly explained by her loyalty towards her newly-adopted masters. Shunji dies in what turns out to be his first and only moment of true selflessness, saving his buddy Kang-To and the girl they both love. This is her first comeback in 4 years since ” Grudge: Exactly what I wished!!

Keep it up girl! I’m wondering how they even got to where they are today. Thinking of the ambush, Damsari tells Kang-to that he saw him saving the life of the comrade who was trying to kill episoe. There was a scene where Chae Hong-joo Han Chae-ah sang a Kimigayo in front of the rising sun in celebration of the Japan-Korea Annexation on the episode on the 11th.

It sure looks it.