Analysis of the Images of Women 1. Remember me on this computer. Hajj blames Hssina, a servant, for not keeping an eye on Karima like he was told. Hajj Bahi and Mounia Episode 1, Karima and Rachid Episode 1, Baat humari pakki hai Ruby gloom amazon dvd Dec movies Temisko trailer notre-dame du nord Carrie the musical trailer Film jackie chan motarjam Ultimate spiderman season 2 episode 7 justanimedubbed Samsung bd-c 3d blu-ray player manual Just like heaven trailer official Scary movie ost download The village movie She also explained how her son suffered with Mennana and lived a bitter life.

After a few moments, her face quickly changed and she took a look around and asked the closest woman near her if they had served them food or not. Morocco owns 9 free channels, seven of which are owned by the government, one that is privately owned Medi1 TV and one that has mixed ownership 2M 1. Karima is depicted as a character who defies the conventional values of how men and women treat each other and acts as a guardian of gender equity in her home as well as outside. Hajj Bahi stops 29 Dar el Ghezlane, Episode 1 www. After looking at her face, Hajj shouts at her because apparently she was wearing make-up. Mounia blames her sister of being mean and the latter warns her of men and claims that all they want to do is put women under their shoes. Saad lamjarred Ahlam nassim.

The series begins with the death of their father, an event to which Mennana reacted with a surprising composure and asked her daughters not to shed a single tear before the sun rises.

Please cite in any publication: The implication in this scene is that being a female will always attract the sexual interest of co-workers and that no matter how good she is at her job —even after successfully performing a heart surgery- she is still looked at as a body and judged as such.

One of the women, Amina eisode is played by Noura Skalli, complains to her husband about the unpleasant smell there and sarcastically wonders if there was no water or soap around for people to smell that bad. Bnat La La Mnana, Episode 1 www.

Once again, Karima plays the role of the rebellious older sister who keeps an eye on her younger sister to keep her from doing anything that is against her feminist ideals.

They, then, resume their slogans and leave the ceremony. Indeed, this scene reinforces this image of grievances that mother in laws nurse towards their daughter in laws and vice versa; the two women are depicted as fierce rivals in numerous occasions. Contrary to the first scenes, this one does perpetuate stereotypes; on the contrary, it challenges them.

The Representation of Women in Moroccan Television | Zak Boukhriss –

Dermier this scene, the common conception of women being gossipers and complaining about everything is vividly reinforced. Adil made this group. Amina, an educated woman who migrated with her husband from the city to the village, is depicted as a woman who criticizes everything and engages in dernie discussions while her husband was portrayed as a man of manners who did condone her actions.


You had a nerd, a hunk, a funny guy and more. Another aspect of the misrepresentation of women is that they are repeatedly shown in a position where they heartlessly speak about banal things the new fridge in this case or trying to seek personal benefit promoting her merchandize in the most opportune of moments without regard to the personal feelings of others. He complains that the water ruined his new shoe and Chama says that the shoe does not appear to be a new one at all.

The theoretical part will tackle the position of women in the Moroccan media according to official reports and statements epjsode experts in the field as well as government figures. Hajj Bahi leaves the house because he has something to do and leaves Rachid sitting in the guestroom.

Moments later, their sister Rhimou asked them to put an end to it and not to embarrass them in front of the neighbors. Look at most relevant Bnat lala mnana prologue websites out of 15 at KeyOptimize. This goes to show how the series reinforces the idea of women bickering about unimportant children like children which is clearly a misrepresentation of reality. Once more, the woman is depicted as a disrespectful figure that does not shy away from sneaking into the kitchen in the middle of a funeral to steal food.

He asks the maid where Karima is, when the latter tells him that she is in her derniwr he asks her to call her in order to say Hi to Rachid.

Youssef and Mounia Episode 1, Skip to main content. Earl Mindell – Biblia vitaminelor – scribd. Hanae smiles reluctantly and the camera moves to a toothless elderly man who was lying on the bed and overheard their conversation which made him laugh pleasantly. Anis, played by Oussama Bestaoui, is the new village doctor who represents an educated urban man who is forced to move from a big hospital in order to occupy a position as the new doctor of Dar el Ghezlane.

Shocked, Rachid tells her that her father had not informed him of her pregnancy. This series was selected to highlight the situation that women live under after the death of the father and how their mother becomes an alternative source of authority and oppression.

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Again, Hajj Bahi dernler the same techniques to persuade Rachid to marry Karima by praising her cooking abilities even though she did not prepare the tea at all. Conclusion The aim of this paper was to investigate the representation of women in the Moroccan. How was your first Ramadan meal of ? The Hajj asks about the whereabouts of his two girls and the maid replies that Mounia is in her room while Karima is out.


This is uncannily 23 Dar el Ghezlane, Episode 1 www. Thats very interesting now during the problems in Egypt. They are portrayed as showing one face to people and talking bad about them in their back.

Other services include IPTV which is offered by Maroc Telecom and a new service, digital terrestrial television which has recently began to be spread on the national level. Hajj Bahi escalates the situation by saying that he will marry lla to 20013 first person who knocks on the door. She replies that it is neither an embarrassment nor a scandal, and that the only reason they think so is because men were accustomed to women being silent and obedient but now they have freewill.

He says that he does not smell anything bad and that everything is normal and she accuses him of having a nose that does not work properly. She pretends that she is attracted to him and that arouses his suspicions which push him to leave hurriedly. The second part of this paper consisted of an analysis of the images of women through two examples of Moroccan series.

After confirming her identity, he tells Younes that her hair does not look natural and that she is probably wearing contact lenses. The eldest daughter offered to tend to the widows after the guests are gone while showing her frustration after mopping the floor of the whole house. Aicha pretends that one of the guests complained of hunger and thirst and that she was just came to the mnanz to fetch a glass of water. Bnat lala mnana final found at fr.

Karima comes running and grabs a rock; she hits him in the head knocking him unconscious.

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Analysis of the Images of Women 1. Remember me on this computer.

She claims that men will never greet their wives in the morning and tell them to go out and have fun while they cook instead. Karima argues that she does not want to eradicate men; she simply wants to make them understand that without women they would be 25 Dar el Ghezlane, Episode 1 www.

Mennana, Sfiya and Chama Episode 1, Another traditional view can be seen in this scene; that which states that no daughters should marry before her older sister. She also opens a box in which he kept his Tasbih beads, favorite cassettes, smoking pipe and photo album. Serie bnat lala mnana. He apologizes to her for being disrespectful and worrying about his shoe when she has just 19 Bnat La La Mnana, Episode 1 www.