Zuly lost some points for not jumping in. They threw all of Andrea’s stuff in the ocean, threw hot sauce on her, and jumped her all at once. Andrea said she got the bottle to herself, and the other girls came and said that the bottle was for the “bad girls” Ashley’s one dumb little slut. I dont even wanna watch it anymore tbh. Andrea makes a failed attempt at winning the other girls back and gets in over her head.

I respect her “game” since its obvious this was game to her like Char did, except Julie outdid Char: This has still been a much better season thanks to Jerz, Mehgan, Erika and Andrea! The producers should make it a rule that you can’t jump people. Hopefully she can stir the house up before the finale. I don’t care what anyone says. Ashley should have got her harder that time tbh. Falen and Ashley are weak as hell we already knew that. Especially Falen, what Falen did could honestly be considered the lowest thing a girl’s ever done on the show.

These girls are so patehtic that for the first time ever I’m rooting for Erica to kick some ass. Didn’t she have tears though after Meghan beat her ass? So let’s see who is the bigger bitch at the end of the day.

It totally disgusted me how Rima as well as Ashley contributed to the jumping along with the bullying even with their previous experience. Gosh this show is getting more and more pathetic.


Rima keeps looking like try hard on confessionals 5.

Watch: Bad Girls Club ~ Season 10 – Episode 7 “Bottled Up And Beatdown” Online • VentLyfe

However, if that was a bottle for the “bad girls” then Andrea can’t say crap. So what if she pushed her into the bushes?

Hey Luisdcv, I disagree about Julie. Never has a episode EVER made me this angry. Andrea said she got the bottle to herself, and the other girls came and said that the bottle was for the “bad girls” Lost all my respect for Falen too btw.

I will live for a Julie and Falen ass beating. I have to be honest everytime Julie says “She has to go home” and has this weird look on her face Did anybody else notice Falen saying “She’s crying!

After she leaves I wont watch the further eps until the other girls return. Julie, Falen, Rima, and Ashley need to gtfo now. She deserved to be called a fat slut because she is one point blank period Andrea never said that she apologized because Rima told her to.

I want them to get beat up at the reunion soooo bad. I don’t care what delishoas says. The PABS dug their grave. Natasha is my last hope. That is the most pathetic act I think I’ve seen on this show.

Andrea stood up directly and jumped on Ashley like a monkey. All they have are their loud mouths and maybe Julie’s scheming. Then they head to Atlanta, and Erica from last season shows up. I love to hate her and boy did I hate her last episode. They are all pathetic. All of the girls but Andrea were pathetic this week and deserve consequences, which they’ll probably get at the reunion.


Watch “Bad Girls Club: Atlanta” (Season 10 Episode 7)

These last 2 seasons have just becoming about bullying the new girls. Well Julie didn’t jump her though, she even said I’m not gonna jump you.

We all knew it was wrong before it even happened to anyone. The kick she gave Andrea was weak as hell. Falen and Ashley are weak as hell we already knew that.

Watch “Bad Girls Club: Atlanta” (Season 10 Episode 7)

She is definitely on the wrong show. I still had a little bit respect for Rima because she stood up for herself against Erika but like I said you jump someone I’m done with your ass.

I’ll be extremely pressed if nothing happens on the reunion. Zuly is the most boring bitch ever.