The opening theme is “Perfect-area Complete! At first, the plan works out okay, but soon the Tonkonatsu duo come along and accidentally eat one of the sample sesame balls, which were made by Himeji’s terrible cooking skills. In the end, they had exhausted all their money compensating for the damage, and are saddened also since Mizuki will transfer to another school. On the returning day of school, Minami kisses Akihisa to his and Himeji’s shock without any warning. Retrieved August 10, In the end, he accidentally bumped one of the other firework launchers, ending the night in a fiery blaze while Iron Man takes them both to their punishment.

As the Tokonatsu duo prepare to battle the pair of girls, Mizuki screams at the seniors for degrading Akihisa and Yuuji, causing the girls to get eliminated. At the end of the episode Minami finds out what he is saying and tell him that Minami and Akihisa can be friends. Lists of anime episodes. It gets worse when her love letter, along with the inner circle’s own belongings are stored along with the mock tests in the vault. However, she fails and is bullied. After outwitting the Todonatsu duo, Akihisa and Yuuji win. Me, Maids, and a New Chapter” Transcription:

The system in the school, already being a little broken again for the third time, gave their principal an idea to give the students a way to settle their little fight. The group then goes to the ongoing festival held, and Akihisa notices the yukata contest that is to happen. When Akihisa first walks up to her in class he asks her to be friends in French, mixing up French for German, but Minami jumps to conclusions and misunderstands him.

Then, all the students and Iron Man run outside in a circle.

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Minami overhears this tape outside the classroom and later admits to her sister “Your sister has fallen hard for someone Mizuki hugged Akihisa after saving her from falling. Akihisa then solely relies on his coded pencils and a certain pencil.


Each class is divided into groups of three. The enemies from the past return to have a little revenge.

Mizuki arrives to talk with the guys but to no avail and eats a chocolate that she received, then starts acting very strange while still smiling But the moment ended when Yuko, appeared after falling and defeat Yuuji’s avatar, leaving class A the victor. The first we have Minami fussing over a photo in Akihisa’s hand, then challenging him to a mock ESB, but the ESB field glitches, and the beings are acting weird, especially Akihisa’s, and have taken adult versions of themselves.

Chhia, the Class B’s representative, resorts to sneaky underhanded tactics to try to win, by seasson Class F through trashing their room and affect Mizuki by tearing open her love letter. As the Tokonatsu duo prepare to battle the pair of girls, Mizuki screams at the seniors for degrading Akihisa and Yuuji, causing the girls to get eliminated. This is evident in the episode’s name, the mock command center, and other various features along with a Code Geass reference.

Akihisa decides to fight alone, but this time, teat for Mizuki. The duo does not appreciate this, and kidnap Hideyoshi. Class F enters a summoned beast tournament in the hopes of winning better desks for their classroom. Both OVA come with different ending sequences.

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Me, Maids, and a New Chapter” Transcription: They decided to have a little RPG like game, on where a pair of two each time enters areas where epispde have to defeat the enemies en route to the final destination. Retrieved October 2, The opening theme is “Perfect-area Complete! Both Himeji, Minami and Hideyoshi ponder over this, while Akihisa freaks out over the said results.

As a result, Akihisa lets her rest and goes with Mizuki. The first anime yo had three pieces of theme music: The episode kicks off after Minami kisses Akihisa in front of Mizuki, and things get complicated in their relationship. The Matsuri OVAs had one opening theme and one ending theme.


On March 4,Funimation Entertainment announced that it had acquired episoxe anime and streamed simulcast subtitled episodes days after they aired in Japan under the title Baka and Test — Summon the Beasts.

Kakko Kari ” Japanese: Afterwards, Minami comes and asks why Akihisa didn’t stay with her, causing misunderstanding and confusion, and Akihisa epusode chased by the girls. Being embarrassed by students a year lower than them some time ago, the Tokonatsu duo somewhat thought of a little way to get some payback. Akihisa storms toward the storage still in the maid outfit, and punches the duo.

Class A calls out Class F, and there is some bad blood in the past between members of the groups. Meanwhile, there is evidence that there may by a war between classes F, D, and B, as Miharu is jealous of Akihisa’s and Minami’s “relationship,” and Nemoto wanting revenge on Text F for humiliating him.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. At the crepe shop, both Mizuki and Minami try to feed Akihisa with their crepes, but Miharu Shimizua girl who has a lesbian attraction to Minami, does not take it facing down. Retrieved from ” https: Archived from the original on July 10, After their departure, business starts to fail.

Lists of anime episodes. Then as they reach the door, a surprise awaits them which can test both Mizuki and Minami’s denial. At the end of the episode Minami finds out what he is saying and tell him that Minami and Akihisa can be friends. Archived from the original on August 10, Akihisa fights Iron Man and finds out the blackmailer was Miharu. This is confirmed with a visit to class A’s Maid Cafe, while watching the Tonkonatsu duo shouting out the rumors.