Many people, no matter they were young or old, love Ann very much. Ann had happen to have a little illness from her hard working, by that Ann had fainted during the filming of Nang Show, where she had a lot of dancing and singing part. When Wan learned that Chun was allergic to chocolate, she tried to find a way to help enable him to eat chocolate. It will take some times to do perfectly. Do you think you will be able to use the knowledge that you have gain from studying? So, Nott married with another girl and after he had an accident and became a handicapped man.

They ask Tik about how he though of his role. She made chocolate candies without chocolate powder, which is called white chocolate, and offered it to him. When they went back to Thailand, they separated because Chun’s ex-girlfriend still wanted him. It will take some times to do perfectly. Although Ann is successful of her job, Ann has a good attempt to study more in the master degree level at Thammasart University. Om , born June 17, in Bangkok , Thailand , is a Thai actress , model , and host. Is the reason you decided to be in Satree Lek II because the gays are hot “maa rang” right now? I think that at least engineering teaches you about reasoning and you can use it towards your everyday life.

It didn’t say if its daughter or son, so Ann has to change her character to be more responsible bow that her father died and she has to play her role with Andy’s wife’s daughter too. Draa are you plans for the future?

Tik might goes to Hong Kong and Taiwan for his scene there. Then later on in the lakorn, she becomes a woman and acts differently.

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Ann is getting better now, and had continue to work on both of her lakorn There are many actors who are older than me and still single. Ann talks about Nang fah she said she gets to work with a new pra-ake name Andy. In the last show scene of the lakorn of Nang Show Also, the atmosphere in Minburi are very nice. Ann is the best quality actress in Thailand. The most important for her is only her job. In part II, we will feature what went on before and after part I.


She also praised Thai people for good working ethic, good manner, especially Tik who is very polite and handsome. After lunch, they were ready to start filming the actors which included Tik, Man plus almost extras, some were real soldiers. Ann was very upset after what happened and decided to leave her job in NangShow and go far away from Nott.

It reminded her of the last time she fell inlove, which was her ex-fiance, he cheated on her. She rolled down the hill and scream very loudly. She wasted 2 months for learning the dance and there are 20 songs she will dance in this pitada. My parents went to see it and they love it.

This time Ann began to have feelings for Nott and they finally have a relation. My role would actually focus more in on playing volleyball rather than his children. The distrust begins to grow. There are many things involve such as changing my schedules in order to make time for school, and it also depends if the school will accept me or not. But after discussing with my parents, and the fact that I, frama, want a house, so we decided to purchase another house akm us Poldee family.

Pra’Ek swears that he will love her forever Director Sun Srikaewloa had Tik and Aom rehearsed the scene. Here, is a picture of Ann in her new lakorn, it piada be broadcast in channel 3 probably on May! Yes, it was pretty refreshing. She said in the beginning her age is about years of age and she really has to act and talk like a kid and she has to completely change her acting. However, in part II, he now understands more.


As Tik Jesadaporn Pholdee is the current shining star Have you bought yourself a present yet? Actually the chances are slim! Do you think there’ll be part III? She will select the interested role and good roles and not necessary to be a neat charactor actress.

Keaw Lerm Korn (2005)

The location for this scene was on a small island in Srinakarin Dam, Karnjanaburi. Under various events, Kaew ends up working as Bor’s personal assistant and encounters Bor’s girlfriend, Awn Srama Jirachaisakdecha.

This movie is based on the true story. The feel of the movie is like those Korean or Japanese type. As for Nag faa Rai Peak, it might finish filming on the 21th or the 26th. Now looking for Pra’ek will be playing with Ann. Ann Thongprasom in “Nang Saow”. I think that at least engineering teaches you about reasoning and you can use it towards your everyday life.

The storm caused the boat to flipped over and the Princess was about to drown. She has to pratice more in the interview ‘s skill especially when she will ask her guests.

There it goes, they interviewed Aom of the lakorn and how her character is. In the movie, I didn’t really play the role of a father. An interveiw on Aom and Tik concerning their new lakorn together!! Ann in Nang Show Qom for Pukie for all this pictures. This lakorn will be launched in the end of this year if not next year.

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Because of this, his wife will leave dgama. Omborn June 17, in BangkokThailandis a Thai actressmodeland host. He believed her and left.