Soompi code of conduct. She believes her man will never change. I mean, that’s a lot of effort for a something you dislike, no? Episode 5 by TeriYaki. The sponsors must be feeling so robbed. Here is a man who does not believe in love. Some things did not make sense and I did ask a few questions in the recaps, so no, I did not park my brain at the door , and I learned how to take this drama, so as not to loose my enjoyment of it. Birth of A Beauty – Long Preview.

She tries to live an active life thinking she’s living the life of another’s. Gil-ro and Seo-won head home, and fail to notice Woo-jin following them for the ten thousandth time. If they decline me that favor, I totally respect their decision. Am I the only one who feel that the actors were cheated? Yup, as I said timing and failure to develop the spy plot and running out of plot in the middle. Episodes by odilettante. Do not request of translations of any kind, as translations are done by our fellow soompiers’ free will. Featuring an inventive endless-love story that transgresses time and death in order to explore various individual resistances and social restrictions that affect gay relationships, this is either a successfully emotive queer movie with unusually straight overtones, or a somewhat fleeting and dissatisfying attempt to capture gestures and images of homosexual love, or both these coded types at once.

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He sighs at having to be apart from her, and suggests they go to bed. There is this well known actor who has played vastly different roles but yet each time he appears, I see the actor and not the character.


Although the show was a major flop, I had thoroughly enjoyed the fan art from everyone, especially Ally! I think Bom is my child.

They fall asleep cuddling. A verification email has been sent to your new email address. I’m talking about this particular episode I have come to learn, having participated on different blogs and having had long conversations with friends who love and watch dramas, that we each have our reasons why we like a particular drama and those reasons do not have to make sense to me.

Lee Jae Gradde Writer: I really need to watch the original movie to compare and see what went wrong. He followed them and gave them a dirty look but did nothing.

I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it. That said, I won’t fall in the trap of giving you figures since apparently you like to criticize and correct everything I say lately. He is cheerful, confident, generous, and friendly with a warm smile. It didn’t mean to be funny, but I can still let a random ep play and crack up at Jins facial expressions lol.

There were many outdoor scenes in those episodes and many outdoor scenes in the following episodes.

Kindly or not, you shouldn’t say to people what they can write or not write on their site. As the leader of the murder group that has been included to the secret plan, she implements the plan without giving up, strongly based on her belief. Gil-ro and Seo-won head home, and fail to notice Woo-jin following them for the ten thousandth time.

But, here in this drama, it is neither burdensome nor wearisome. I Miss You was horrible on that front, but the whole going over a cliff because of adoption angst made me vote it to the bottom. But they also have one thing difficult grsde them to control.


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Anything unrelated to the drama plot is considered spamming. This is going to get long so Hyesung was her rival in the high school. He takes them home to his parents, where the two pairs of in-laws gasp at the coincidence. However, what she finds in the city and the world within only showed her, a proud, grown woman, how small she is.

Ciivl Hyunjun and Seunghee become close and Sawoo fights to hide his feelings for Seunghee. In the process, Han Tae Hee falls in love with Sara. Chronicles of a Blood Merchant Title: After having seen Joo Won in his 4th drama now, there are of course certain aspects which he repeats in more than one drama.

Joo Won’s Tweet March 16th.

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Anything unrelated to the drama plot is considered spamming. A female sniper, who becomes the leader of an assassination unit. He also talked about the last 1N2D filming with seung-woo: